How to Connect to Your Customers with PRDA and Facebook

PRDA can help you in small but extremely effective ways. Facebook is a powerful tool that can help you connect with your customers, but you have to work hard to earn those fans. There are a few ways you can create a rapport with your customers that helps them stick around. First, and easiest, is responding to your customers on Facebook. Second is utilizing messages for Facebook pages, and third is phrasing open questions in your status updates.

It seems like common sense, but responding to your customers can be the most effective way to connect with them. Your Facebook page is there for your patrons to gather information about your company, find out about events, and take part in your offers. It is easy for your Facebook page to become one-sided, and PRDA can help you work to entice customer interaction. When customers comment on a status update, respond! Knowing you hear them will help them build trust in your brand.

Facebook recently added the ability for businesses to message their customers privately and vice versa. In the top right of your admin panel, you can see your inbox. With the use of private messaging, you can now contact your customers directly, and privately. Why is this important? You can now follow up on contest offers, send thank-yous, and negotiate problems with customers. Fans can now send complaints privately, instead of posting on the main timeline. This makes damage control much easier for you. You can even message other business pages for collaboration!

Phrasing status updates is tricky; it is easy for them to sound like sales pitches. Once your brand is established, you want customers to come back over and over again. Return business is the foundation for any successful brand, and PRDA can help you accomplish that with good social media writing. When writing status updates, make some open ended questions. Take the example above, Dove asks their customers “…what to make for dinner?” By asking a question, their Facebook fans are far more likely to respond. This interaction builds a bridge between the brand and the fan. They feel more connected, and you get a return customer!

Communication is a two-way process. Social media is as powerful as it is because both the customer and the business get to talk to each other. PRDA can help you utilize this and watch your sales soar!

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