Prestigious Hairstylist Kim Robinson Around the World

July 30, 2012

Native to Western Australia, Kim Robinson began his passionate career over three decades ago and has since become a renowned hair stylist of fashion shows and magazines such as French Vogue. His prestigious clientele have included Princess Diana, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss, amongst others, with more lining up.

Upon arriving in Hong Kong, Kim’s love for the fast paced, ever changing fashion world blossomed and took him all over the world. From Asia, he travelled to Europe to hone in on his skills with Vidal Sassoon. In France, he styled for many couture collections such as Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent.

After years of his solo journey, however, Kim Robinson began his self-named studio in Singapore where his proteges and colleagues have found themselves washing, tinting, and cutting the hair of many well known figures. He also began to teach his dry-cut technique for which is has garnered his fame.

With his own A-list full to capacity, Kim looks to pamper those he can all over the world with products ranging from scalp treatments to growth therapy. Yet despite his busy life, Robinson continues to extend a helping hand wherever he can. This last April, Kim found himself and five willing stylists to cut and donate 20-25 centimeters of hair from women while giving them a gorgeous new look. The money raised from this endeavour went to the Children’s Medical Foundation to help programs for newborns in rural China.

Kim Robinson continues to turn heads with his masterful styling and tips, and winning personality that never fails to charm.

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Beijing’s Rosedale Hotel Serves Up Fine Cuisine and Icy Treats

July 30, 2012

The Beijing Rosedale Hotel is cooking up some delicious specials this summer in the Serenade Lounge and Cheena. Located in the Chao Yang District, there is much to explore while staying in the spacious getaway. With the Forbidden City, Great Wall, and the Summer Palace all within a reasonable travelling distance, this Rosedale Hotel is an obvious choice for anyone seeking a little adventure.
Enjoy a day of exploring Beijing and return to your luxurious room at Rosedale Hotel Beijing. With so many activities available, your day doesn’t have to end here! A large fitness centre awaits those who look forward to a morning or afternoon of exercise while an array of restaurants and bars greet anyone exhausted from an exciting day.

The Serenade Lounge has a variety of delicious options with the highlight this season being the milk tea with ice cream. This smooth treat is perfect for any taste with several flavors to choose from. With vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, everyone can pick their favorite to down with.

While staying in a city as rich with culture as Beijing, enjoying a classic meal is no doubt a high priority. Luckily, with the Rosedale Hotel, finding authenticShandong Cuisine is easily accessible. Prepared fresh with an elegant presentation, Cheena is sure to delight everyone. Braised pork belly in wine and steamed perch fish with scallion and black bean are only a couple of the stunning choices listed on the menu.
Come see we have also offer Southeast Asia Seafood by Sonata  at Rosedale Hotel Beijing. (how about promoting south-eastern seafood cuisine or lu cuisine?)

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Paul Gerrard Salon and EVO Team Up to Save Humans from Themselves

July 28, 2012

When it comes to our beauty regimen for beautiful, resplendent hair, are we taking ourselves too seriously? Putting too much time and thought into styling your hair at home can leave you frustrated and turned off to the beauty of hair. Lucky for you, Paul Gerrard Salon and Evo have teamed up to save you from going overboard.
At Paul Gerrard , we don’t believe that drowning your hair in a purple product that smells like fruit and rain will make your split ends magically mend. Nor do we encourage our clients to buy into some new-age herbal remedy or a “new” chemical trend to make your hair grow overnight. And certainly, eating bread crusts won’t make your hair curl.

People have an odd way of trying to mold their hair into submission. That’s why the experts at Paul Gerrard Salon teamed up with Evo to help save us from ourselves! Evoshows both stylists and ordinary humans that a product needs no gimmicks or “special ingredients” to truly be the best. A majority of its ingredients are natural and are entirely sulphate, paraben, dea, tea, and propylene glycol free.

With no-nonsense packaging, Evo cares about one thing only- your hair! Made of 100% recyclable material and designed by the very people who use them, Evo’s philosophy is close to our hearts. Think a little and look great with minimal effort and serious results. With Paul Gerrard Salon and Evo, you can do your hair and lifestyle a serious favour.

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Be An Expat: Shows You How to Prepare for Working Abroad

July 27, 2012

They say grass is always greener on the other side. Working overseas has always been a dream to many smart job seekers, especially in the early stages of their career. Working abroad doesn’t have to be just a dream with these practical tips from makes it easy to keep a lookout for overseas jobs. You can search for jobs by specifying overseas locations, or create timely email alert so that when an opportunity is available, you’ll be notified. offers comprehensive tools to search for overseas job postings
Do your research on the hiring company. What’s the work culture like? Are their employees happy? Is the pay structure attractive?
Learn more about the environment. To live in a new country is different from traveling for leisure. A good place to start is expat community forums, as they often address specific concerns of foreigners living in the country. You can even start making friends immediately!

More Hongkongers are crossing the border.
Calculate your cost. Your main expenses will be accommodation, transportation, food and entertainment. Depending on country these differ vastly; recommends that you speak to an expat already stationed there for practical advice. It helps to know exactly how much your future employer will subsidise, and and how much will come from your own pocket.
Get started on the local language. Knowing even a few commonly-used phrases is a smart way to help you settle down and get around. Improving on your English will not go amiss either, as this is spoken in many countries.
Working abroad is both an exciting and challenging prospect. Be open minded and try to see things from a wider perspective. You may just be in for the ride of your life.

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Stay Fit This Summer With Edible Arrangements Fruit Bouquets

July 24, 2012

Some people may resort to exercise and dieting gimmicks, but did you know that you can stay healthy this summer by eating tasty and luscious Edible Arrangements fruit bouquets? Edible Arrangements Hong Kong fruit baskets look beautiful and taste delicious, all while helping you minimize calories and curb that sweet tooth.

Take the case of our classic Mid Autumn Celebration fruit bouquet. You don’t need to wait for the mid-autumn festival to enjoy this juicy treat! It’s a mouthwatering assortment of fresh fruits including cantaloupes, grapes and strawberries. Cantaloupes are low in calories and can help prevent cancer, while grapes and strawberries have an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins.

Another great way of staying fit this summer is doing exercise routines with friends! You can attend yoga classes together or do Zumba. And as a great treat, why not buy the creme de la creme of fruit bouquets? Share the gorgeous Edible Arrangements Hong Kong Tropical Festival with them. This fruit bouquet is a beautiful showcase of pineapple daisies, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, honeydew and fresh, juicy orange slices. It might interest you to know that pineapples are great sources of vitamin C and manganese. Truly healthy!

So why not treat yourself to one of our hand-sculpted, luscious fruit arrangements today? Not only do Edible Arrangements fruit bouquets and fruit boxes look and taste good, they can help pave way for a healthier you.

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Turn Your Business Green With the Help of Accor PLANET 21

July 23, 2012


Green businesses used to be a rare sight, but are becoming more common as consumers demand eco-friendly options. Stay ahead of the game and live up to consumer demands the same way that Accor’s PLANET 21 programme has. With such a variety of strategies available, taking a company from a carbon-producing wasteland to an eco-friendly wonder can be much simpler than many people think.

Accor’s PLANET 21 programme focuses on seven key factors to build green hospitality into their hotels. By focusing on specific elements such as recycling, reducing carbon footprint, and constructing sustainable buildings, Accor is well on its way to moving towards its goals for 2015.

Recycling is an excellent way to turn heads. PLANET 21 has already made a huge impact by increasing Accor’s recycling programmes to include most hotels and for a variety of different materials. It may seem as though this technique is a fad or does very little, but by reusing products, the planets resources are being saved. Instead of a garbage dump growing, trees and wildlife will be saved and preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Another great step is to invest in eco-labeled products. Use sprays, towels, and other cleaners that are marked with an organic or eco-label that is safe for people and the environment. Pass up the chemicals in bleach and other standard products to create a positive change. Accor hotels are making the transition to provide guests with green soaps, shampoos, and basic necessities, including cleaning products. Use sprays, towels, and other cleaners that are marked with an organic or eco-label that is safe for people and the environment. Pass up the chemicals in bleach and other standard products to create a positive change.

Get started on making the transition to become a green business.

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App vs. Mobile Web For Your Business: PRDA Helps You Decide

July 23, 2012

Smart businesses engage with their increasing mobile audience through either a native app or mobile-optimised web. PRDA helps you weigh the pros and cons of each and pick the perfect choice for your business needs.

Rapid advances in HTML5 will narrow the capability gap between mobile-optimised sites and native apps. PRDA recommends that you consider the following before embarking on developing either (or both):

What kind of need does your content serve? A native app offers a deeply immersing experience for your customers. This is a significant advantage on tablet devices, and even more so with niche topics, such as the NY Times election app.
On the other hand, if your business serves some kind of utility function, mobile web will be a better bet. Content publishers, such as newspapers and government services, favor mobile web because it runs on many common smartphone browsers.
How do you want to engage with your customers on these devices? Mobile web offers simple interactivity such as user login, which bodes well if your objective is to offer a fuss-free user experience.
An app would be a better choice for those who want to monetize this engagement. With a superior user interface, apps engage users more deeply and achieve better advertising performance.
What are your cost considerations? Without a doubt, building a mobile-optimised site is much cheaper than developing an app, both in terms manpower and time.
On the other hand, monetisation is often easier on native apps. There is much more room for creative ads development within an apps environment, which can command an advertising premium.
In the debate of native vs mobile web, PRDA recognises that consumers are fast moving towards a ‘multi-screen’ world. Businesses would do well to formulate their communication strategies across a variety of touch points.

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