Paul Gerrard Salon and EVO Team Up to Save Humans from Themselves

July 28, 2012

When it comes to our beauty regimen for beautiful, resplendent hair, are we taking ourselves too seriously? Putting too much time and thought into styling your hair at home can leave you frustrated and turned off to the beauty of hair. Lucky for you, Paul Gerrard Salon and Evo have teamed up to save you from going overboard.
At Paul Gerrard , we don’t believe that drowning your hair in a purple product that smells like fruit and rain will make your split ends magically mend. Nor do we encourage our clients to buy into some new-age herbal remedy or a “new” chemical trend to make your hair grow overnight. And certainly, eating bread crusts won’t make your hair curl.

People have an odd way of trying to mold their hair into submission. That’s why the experts at Paul Gerrard Salon teamed up with Evo to help save us from ourselves! Evoshows both stylists and ordinary humans that a product needs no gimmicks or “special ingredients” to truly be the best. A majority of its ingredients are natural and are entirely sulphate, paraben, dea, tea, and propylene glycol free.

With no-nonsense packaging, Evo cares about one thing only- your hair! Made of 100% recyclable material and designed by the very people who use them, Evo’s philosophy is close to our hearts. Think a little and look great with minimal effort and serious results. With Paul Gerrard Salon and Evo, you can do your hair and lifestyle a serious favour.

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