The Fruit Art of Edible Arrangements

August 30, 2012

Let’s face it – not everyone’s fond of eating fruits. Which should not be the case, truth be told. Especially since we all know that fruits are good for us. Not only are they rich in vitamins and amino acids, fruits are also delicious, tasty and juicy. But what’s an efficient way to really encourage others to eat fruits? Introduce them to Edible Arrangements! Let them discover the fun fruit art done by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong.

Just look at this Simply Dipped Daisies fruit bouquet by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong. Who knew that pineapples can be fashioned into pretty daisies in bloom? Perfectly plump, sweet grapes complement the daisies and turn this arrangement into an eye-catching delight. Customers love this gorgeous bouquet so much they even take photos to show it off to friends and family.

This is also the case with Edible Arrangements’ Fruitful Achievement Bouquet. Pineapples are again fashioned into delectable daisies in bloom, surrounded by only the juiciest, freshest red strawberries. Anyone who sees this fresh fruit bouquet will definitely turn into a fruit lover instantly! The fruit art done by the skillful personnel at Edible Arrangements Hong Kong is just amazing.

So why not do yourself and your friends a big favor and introduce Edible Arrangements Hong Kong fruit bouquets? Not only do these fruit arrangements catch everyone’s eye, these can really inspire people to be more health conscious and to be fruit aficionados in no time.

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong is open 7 days a week and can do same-day deliveries if you place your order before 4pm. Call their shop at IFC Mall at telephone no. 852 2295 1108.

Official website:!/ediblearrangehk


China’s Digital Success Presents Business Opportunities

August 27, 2012

China continues to surprise the rest of world; its fast paced growth and dynamic economy of immense scale staggers many outside its borders. Its latest epic accomplishment is achieving record breaking sales through online channels that dwarf the U.S. and Europe in volume and XXX penetration.

It was only a few years back that the banking industry in China could barely support the simplest of transactions and credit cards were limited, and to a large degree this is still true. China was able to bypass these hurdles by embracing digital solutions. Online payment gateways and using credits to top up accounts are some of the ingenious methods driving an online sales boom.

In 2011 over 70% of registered internet users had made an online purchase. Put into numbers that is more people than are in the United States in total. According to iResearch, Alipay “Express Payment” was the most used express payment method used in 2011.

The total sales for 2011 was over 800 billion Yuan or more than 125.5 billion US$. That is a staggering figure from a country with limited banking and logistics that is still primarily driven by scooters and bikes.

The growth is continuing to accelerate. In the next three years the online sales will be expected to triple to over 360 billion US$ per year.  Not since the days of Sears and Roebuck in the 19th century in America did we see such a growth in sales where goods and people were not in the same place.

Knowing how to navigate China’s digital world is essential to any brand’s success. PRDA is experienced in helping brands find their voice online.

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HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong Helps Bridesmaids Dress in Style

August 27, 2012

Are you a bride-to-be? Finding the wedding dress of your dreams isn’t your only task at hand. You should never forget your bridesmaids, too. Let the ugly bridesmaid dress cliche end now with the help of HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong’s collection of Lela Rose designer bridesmaids dresses.


Lela Rose, best known for designing outfits for former Presidential daughters Jenna and Barbara Bush during their father’s presidential inauguration ceremony, is one of the world’s most sought-after wedding gown designers. Now, to the luck of bridesmaids all across Hong Kong, Lela Rose has released a line of beautiful bridesmaids dresses and HITCHED! Bridal has them available for you! These bridesmaids dresses are as stylish, comfortable and lovely as her world-renowned Lela Rose bridal gowns.

Lela Rose bridesmaids dresses are of top quality and have unique details. These dresses are also classy, elegant and are sure to turn heads. Choosing Lela Rose bridesmaids dresses will be sure to make your bridesmaids happy. What a sweet, pleasant treat for women close to your heart and who have played instrumental roles in your life, don’t you think so?

The good news does not end there, though. Now you can easily order Lela Rose bridesmaids dresses in Hong Kong, one of the world’s fashion capitals. Just set an appointment with HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong, a one-stop bridal shop conveniently located in the heart of the Sheung Wan district. Now, making your bridesmaids happy is just a phone call away. Contact HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong today and treat your bridesmaids to Lela Rose creations.

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kimrobinson’s Texture Restoration System Puts an End to Frizzy Hair

August 23, 2012

The hot season would seem like a difficult time for hair if it were not for Kim Robinson and his team. Along with gorgeous sunshine and endless outdoor opportunities comes the price of humidity, which does not do wonders for hair. Incessant frizz, no control, and loss of shine are just a few examples of what happens when summer arrives. Yet not all hope is lost when it comes to taming out of control strands and kimrobinson has the answer.

Just when nothing seems to work, fabulous hair is still very possible. kimrobinson’s signature patented Texture Restoration System treatment restores hair, giving it a sleek and glamorous shine. The Texture Restoration System is applied to each strand individually which takes around an hour to complete in the kimrobinson studio, but it lasts for up to five months after letting it set for two days which easily gives the person a worry-free, humid summer.

Free of harsh chemicals, the Texture Restoration System treatment from kimrobinson is designed to improve and help lock in the natural moisture of hair rather than damage it. Without the presence of chemicals and formaldehyde, the formula will protect hair instead of making the problem worse. The Texture Restoration System is delivered to the hair in a natural state and it is because of these significant differences that the keratin treatment should not be confused with relaxers.

Offered for the first time in Hong Kong, this Texture Restoration System treatment is very popular in the western continents of Europe and the United States. It is available at kimrobinson for men and women alike so that everyone may enjoy a frizz-free summer season.

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The Benefits of Business Sustainability Goes Beyond Expectations

August 21, 2012

Building a sustainable business does more than just help the environment, as Accor hotels has demonstrated. Both consumers and employees look to support green growth by choosing eco-friendly companies, becoming a sustainable business provides a range of benefits. There are many reasons to make a green transition.

Cost efficiency is a big reason to push for companies to be moreenvironmentally aware . By investing in energy-efficient light bulbs and eco-friendly technology, the Group’s hotels expect to reap long-term benefits, as these items tend to be more efficient and last longer.  Today, 65% of Accor’s hotels have already made the change to energy-saving light bulbs, a number that is expected to grow following the launch of PLANET 21, the Group’s sustainable development program.  PLANET 21 seeks to reduce energy use by 10% between 2011 and 2015.  Aside from energy-saving lamps, other initiatives to achieve these goals include charging stations for electric cars – these have already been deployed at six Novotels in France, as well as properties in Korea and Australia.

Along with reducing a company’s environmental footprint, employees of sustainable businesses have also shown greater job satisfaction. By providing the best possible work atmosphere, the mood of the company’s employees at large brightens. Accor  has conducts regular employee opinion surveys, provides training to help employees with work-life balance and stress reduction and educates them on health prevention best practice.   These efforts are designed to improve satisfaction, retention, and morale.

Probably the most important reason business owners see the advantage of going green, is that sustainable businesses tend to have the competitive advantage. A large number of customers are no longer considering the ‘easy’ route of an every-day carbon-producing, water-consuming business. Many people understand the need for sustainable business and will choose it over its leading competitor in order to encourage continuous growth.

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Evo Show You How Fun Hair Products Can Be

August 21, 2012

Do you suffer from the common misconception that great hair comes from overly complicated wizardry and relentless maintenance 24/7? Meet Evo– the no nonsense, kick your hair into gear product. Watch how by a simple combination of Mister Fantastic HairBungee, Mister Fantastic Texture Spray and lots of Magic Hand, Evo puts the fun back into hairstyling.

For a power-up day in office. Is your hair feeling dull and lifeless? A ponytail might be the answer to your prayers, and while you are at it, why try a little hair bungee? Try a unique combination of a classic style and master mister fantastic hair bungee for that always up, accidentally-excellent look.
For a girly day out. A night out on the town with best friends requires great hair and plenty of gossip. Enter evo® the debutante and a hot styler. With a few magic rotations, you’ll create a random, imperfect texture to be jealous about.

For gala nights and evening gowns. With Evo, you can look just as fabulous as a celebrity walking down the red carpet. Add a disc and a crimper to get an astounding hairdo suitable for even the classiest of balls. With a head-turning hairstyle, you’ll give the paparazzi something to write about.
For a wild night out at the clubs. Let Evo reveal the sexy night goddess in you. Start from the classic ponytail and then scrunch it for that glorious, explosion of a hair to sex up the dance floor by a couple of degrees. With our “desk to disco” how-to, even Diana Ross will be proud.
There’s no end to the great vault of knowledge from those follicle wizards at Evo. Head on to for more secret potions and magical spells!
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Summer Beauty Tips from Paul Gerrard Salon

August 20, 2012

Are you feeling it yet? We do. Summer is indeed in full swing in humid, boiling Hong Kong. Though the wonderful typhoon Vicente cleared up the pollution a little, it is still hard work for us fashionistas to become and stay fabulous, all the time.
Let Paul Gerrard Salon come to the rescue with these handy tips.
Summer = oily skin? You bet. While you may be tempted to over-wash your face, drying out your skin will only trigger more oil to be produced. Instead, a regular regimen of cleansing, toning, moisturising, and exfoliating will go a long way to whip your skin into a clean, translucent shape…

… with the right products, of course! Jennifer Alvaniz, our lovely skin therapist from PaulGerrard Salon, does have some recommendations.
If you want to avoid the damaging UV rays of the sun, but still accomplish that to-die-for summer glow, Paul Gerrard Salon has just what you need. Contradicting wishes? Not quite. What you need is a product line which:
●   Is all natural and mineral-based
●   Contains SPF 15 or higher in several of its foundations, powders, and tinted moisturisers
●   Will go on your skin looking smooth and silky, with a natural finish

Lizzie Parkin, our makeup extraordinaire recommends the wonderful new line from JaneIradale. To help you start off, redeem your loyalty points and get 10% off!
Now you have no excuse NOT to look and feel fabulous this summer. While you are at it, swing by Paul Gerrard Salon for a new haircut and get a completely fresh and exhilarating new look!

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