The Benefits of Business Sustainability Goes Beyond Expectations

August 21, 2012

Building a sustainable business does more than just help the environment, as Accor hotels has demonstrated. Both consumers and employees look to support green growth by choosing eco-friendly companies, becoming a sustainable business provides a range of benefits. There are many reasons to make a green transition.

Cost efficiency is a big reason to push for companies to be moreenvironmentally aware . By investing in energy-efficient light bulbs and eco-friendly technology, the Group’s hotels expect to reap long-term benefits, as these items tend to be more efficient and last longer.  Today, 65% of Accor’s hotels have already made the change to energy-saving light bulbs, a number that is expected to grow following the launch of PLANET 21, the Group’s sustainable development program.  PLANET 21 seeks to reduce energy use by 10% between 2011 and 2015.  Aside from energy-saving lamps, other initiatives to achieve these goals include charging stations for electric cars – these have already been deployed at six Novotels in France, as well as properties in Korea and Australia.

Along with reducing a company’s environmental footprint, employees of sustainable businesses have also shown greater job satisfaction. By providing the best possible work atmosphere, the mood of the company’s employees at large brightens. Accor  has conducts regular employee opinion surveys, provides training to help employees with work-life balance and stress reduction and educates them on health prevention best practice.   These efforts are designed to improve satisfaction, retention, and morale.

Probably the most important reason business owners see the advantage of going green, is that sustainable businesses tend to have the competitive advantage. A large number of customers are no longer considering the ‘easy’ route of an every-day carbon-producing, water-consuming business. Many people understand the need for sustainable business and will choose it over its leading competitor in order to encourage continuous growth.

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Evo Show You How Fun Hair Products Can Be

August 21, 2012

Do you suffer from the common misconception that great hair comes from overly complicated wizardry and relentless maintenance 24/7? Meet Evo– the no nonsense, kick your hair into gear product. Watch how by a simple combination of Mister Fantastic HairBungee, Mister Fantastic Texture Spray and lots of Magic Hand, Evo puts the fun back into hairstyling.

For a power-up day in office. Is your hair feeling dull and lifeless? A ponytail might be the answer to your prayers, and while you are at it, why try a little hair bungee? Try a unique combination of a classic style and master mister fantastic hair bungee for that always up, accidentally-excellent look.
For a girly day out. A night out on the town with best friends requires great hair and plenty of gossip. Enter evo® the debutante and a hot styler. With a few magic rotations, you’ll create a random, imperfect texture to be jealous about.

For gala nights and evening gowns. With Evo, you can look just as fabulous as a celebrity walking down the red carpet. Add a disc and a crimper to get an astounding hairdo suitable for even the classiest of balls. With a head-turning hairstyle, you’ll give the paparazzi something to write about.
For a wild night out at the clubs. Let Evo reveal the sexy night goddess in you. Start from the classic ponytail and then scrunch it for that glorious, explosion of a hair to sex up the dance floor by a couple of degrees. With our “desk to disco” how-to, even Diana Ross will be proud.
There’s no end to the great vault of knowledge from those follicle wizards at Evo. Head on to for more secret potions and magical spells!
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