HIV Advocates Reminds You of the Importance of Getting Tested

September 6, 2012

Have you been tested for HIV? If your first reaction to that question was fear, you aren’t alone. It’s the universal reaction to getting tested for HIV. The good news is that this fear can be managed. How? With the large community of supportive HIV advocates that Advocacy 2.0 provides at your side. HIV testing can be a daunting thing, but being tested is the most important step in our battle to end HIV and AIDS.

Knowing your HIV status empowers you to do the right thing not only for yourself, but also the people around you. Making the unknown is known is a powerful catalyst in fighting against the spread of HIV.
Getting tested serves as a good reminder to practise safe sex and refresh your sexual health knowledge. Knowledge is power, and familiarizing yourself with the truths of contracting HIV will help you fight social stigma when you encounter it.
Knowing your status allows you to plan for the future. Should you test positive, counselors can guide your next course of action. You can also join an HIV-group for moral support and guidance. It is about taking the rein of control over the virus, and not the other way round.

Unless you get tested, it is impossible to know if you need life-saving treatment and care. Detected early on, it’s possible to live a long life with HIV. However, without proper treatment, HIV can take a large toll on your health and life expectancy.
The bottom line is that getting tested is an act of respect. It proves that you respect yourself and your partner. No matter how safe you were and are, accidents still happen and it’s better to be informed than ignorant.
Don’t be afraid of your status. Get tested regularly at a facility near you and join your fellow HIV advocates in the fight against HIV and AIDS.
Where do you get tested in your country? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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Summer haircare tips from Paul Gerrard Salon

September 6, 2012

Summer is indeed in full swing in Hong Kong. Though at times our hair can be so bad that only scissors will help, there are things you can do for frizz-free beach days and glossy, sunny highlights. Paul Gerrard Salon preaches the following hair-saving techniques.
Protect your colour. In the summer heat, our carefully highlighted hair can come across wilted and dry. To protect it from the sun, we recommend keratin treatments to give your hair a shield of protein.

Watch it; your hair is singed! If your hair looks thin and weary, chances are your hair dryer is turned up too hot. It’s tempting to air-dry your hair in the summer, but to save your hair it’s best you use a nozzle, or turn the heat down a notch.

Get casual and go back to the basics. With the sun out in full force it is a great time to play with accessories and have your hair in braids, ponytails and buns. By giving your hair a break from blow-dry and chemical treatments, your hair will strengthen and heal naturally.

Avoid knotted hair while you sleep. Knots lead to breakages and split ends, so tie your hair up on top of your head when you go to sleep. This way you help each strand of your hair rest and prevent tangles.

Condition your hair at the gym. Before you hit the treadmill or spinning class, apply a mask or oil to your hair. After your workout, put on a plastic cap and have a go at the steam room. Your hair will come out all shiny and pampered.

These simple-to-follow steps help you to keep your hair fabulous and healthy throughout the summer, and until your next appointment at Paul Gerrard!

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