Paul Gerrard Salon Recommends Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Hair

October 3, 2012

Sometimes, a little hair pampering is all we need to feel like one in a million. Options are plentiful, but at Paul Gerrard we firmly believe that less is more. Dress up your hair for an easy, flashy look with these great tips from our very own hair experts.
Rock that ponytail
A simple ponytail is the easiest, most fuss-free of all ways you could dress up your hair. You can use an elastic band, or wrap it up with hair or a braid. For a little more oomph, try braiding up the sides and add texture on the top.

Bun it up
Ponytails are a great go-to ‘do but can lose their excitement after a while. As the night rolls around, you can always put your hair in a bun – a stylish way to get your hair off your face and out of your eyes. Sport a high ballerina bun for an elegant, sophisticated look, or try a messy bun for a more textured, edgy look.

Headbands can be pristine, practical and chic, even if you have short hair. Slim, flat headbands add a glamorous touch of flair, while chunky details like bows work best with longer hair. A knit headband, when used over bobs and ponytails, looks great when paired with feminine, retro dresses. Add some extra fair to your look by creating some volume at the crown of your head behind the headband. The sky’s the limit when it comes to accessories. Try clipping in a colourful feather for a dramatic look, or stick with a jewelled clip for something classy.

When it comes to dressing up your hair, the limit is your imagination. Have you got any great ideas to share? Let us know in our comments on Facebook or by sending us a tweet on Twitter.

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