The art and science of social media writing: Overview

October 6, 2012

Writing for social media is one of the most demanding of skills. Many assume it is a simple task of writing something clever or funny. If done well it is a complex combination of skills that must come together with concise precision to capture the attention of a reader, communicate value to hold attention and direction to motivate a call to action. This blog is a first in series that will cover important facts about being a good social media writer that will likely touch on:

  • Brand story and TOV
  • Key word optimisation – SEM and semantic search
  • Formatting and length appropriate for different channels
  • Psychology of anterior and posterior memory
  • Psychology of pattern recognition
  • Visuals and their impact on engagement
  • Message consistency (write once post many)

First lesson in social media writing is the most difficult for most to embrace: You are not writing for yourself. So simple yet for most an impossible hurdle to overcome. It is important to separate yourself from the Brand. The Brand, next to your fans, is the most important asset. The messages should be consistent with the Tone of Voice (TOV) of the brand and adhere to the Brand story. If you write to please yourself — get a diary! Success is when a Brand communicates well with its fans and the fans respond positively.

Second lesson is that the message writing is not the objective of social media. Most assume that writing clever messages is the primary objective of good social media. It is not. The goal is to target increase brand visibility, provide positive information, reputation management, building fan loyalty, increasing Brand value and converting to sales. Social media messages play a role in accomplishing this, but it is far from the end game.

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