The Edible Arrangements Hong Kong Vision and Mission for Valued Customers

October 15, 2012

With 1,139 specialty stores around the world, there’s no doubt that Edible Arrangements is a hit among customers who not only love beautifully presented fresh fruit, but also those who value top notch customer service.


Edible Arrangements Hong Kong lives by a mission statement that puts customers and their wants as priorities.


Presentation of the fruit bouquets is important. The fruit bouquets should give a lasting impression not only to the buyer of the Edible Arrangements fruitquet but also to the receiver.

Quality for valued customers is also part of the vision and mission of Edible Arrangements.

The fruits, chocolates, and other ingredients and materials used for the stunning fruit bouquets will always be fresh and of top quality.


And of course, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong aims to provide only the best customer service. By keeping their stores open 7 days a week, offering same day delivery, and answering inquiries and orders promptly, Edible Arrangements shows just how much customers are treated as kings and queens – as they should be.


Visit one of Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s many locations and order a fruitquet today to see why Edible Arrangements customers remain loyal throughout the years. You can also place an order over the phone at 852-2385-0158 or visit them online.


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