A day in the life of HITCHED! Bridal owner Dana Trang via Instagrams

October 27, 2012

How do you lead a life like that of HITCHED! Bridal boutique owner Dana Trang? How busy can it get? Does she still have time to even buy her favorite coffee? Does she still have time to drop by a local flower shop and choose her blooms for the day? Fortunately for all HITCHED! Bridal boutique customers and avid readers of Dana Trang’s Lifestyle Asia blog, she shared a few Instagram photos that depict her style-filled days.


For Dana Trang, a lawyer and now a busy wedding boutique owner, life should not be all work and no play. She makes it a point to drop by her local neighborhood flower shop and buy her preferred blooms for the day. She also makes it a point to walk her furbabies Buffy and Penny around her neighborhood. During her travels, she also sees to it that she does the things that she likes – such as collecting bits and pieces for her growing accessories collection.


But of course, matters concerning brides, wedding gowns and wedding gown designers will never be far away from Dana Trang’s mind. Her heart skips a beat whenever she sees ads just like this Rivini ad on a magazine.


She also keeps the people she met and worked with during her own wedding just like E. Law.


Truly, Dana Trang’s life may be busy and hectic but she does know how to stop and smell the roses, just like any other excited bride-to-be.


Head on down to Dana’s blog for the rest of her Instagram photos and to know her more.


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