Great Fall Hair Tips From Paul Gerrard

November 26, 2012

Fall is such a lovely season: the changing color of the trees, a chilly breeze in the air. As the leaves start to fall beautifully from the trees, people retreat into the comfort of their warm homes. But, have you noticed that your hair may be retreating too?

The folks at Paul Gerrard have seen it often; clients who bemoaned the sorry state of their hair during the fall season. All too frequently the indignant reactions of women (and men) who neglected their hair routine to be rudely awakened with dirty, dull hair when the fall season comes a-knocking.

“I just woke up one day and my scalp was just all oily, it’s yuck!”

“It’s like someone steamrolled over my head”

“I never used to have any problems; I don’t know what happened!”

You know what’s the real reason here? We know; it’s procrastination (and seasonal hair loss). A trip down to Paul Gerrard will set you right, but it is always better to prevent than to cure. For your hair’s sake, there are a few things you should do to make it healthy and luscious – the way it should always be.

Wash you hair at least twice a week during the fall season and use good hair conditioner, to keep your scalp clean and free of build-up. This helps to prevent dandruff and hair loss problems.

Massage your scalp with lukewarm oil once a week, and apply hair masks. Like your face and skin, hair needs sustenance and nourishment too, hence such external treatment is more than just pampering; it really is a necessity.

Take control of your unruly hair. Untangle your mane with wide teeth hair brush, and tie the hair in a neat ponytail or bun. Alternatively, go for a short hair – your Paul Gerrard stylist will be able to recommend the best cut to fit your facial features.

We wish your hair well for the fall season!

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Bridal Gown Shopping? Here Are Three Quick Reminders

November 26, 2012

Every bride-to-be excitedly looks forward to the day when she has to shop for her wedding gown. After all, her bridal gown may make or break her look on her big day and every bride wants to look stunning. This is why shopping for a bridal gown can be quite a daunting task. Here are three quick reminders that every bride-to-be may want to consider before they hunt for that perfect wedding dress.

1. Choose a reliable bridal boutique that sells quality wedding dresses made by world-renowned designers. Choose a one-stop bridal shop like HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong that not only has a wide array of wedding gowns, but also has a professional team that can look after your wedding gown concerns. Not only do HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong carry creations by international designers but we also have knowledgeable and professional staff who can give you proper advice. HITCHED! Bridal can help you look for THE dress.

2. Set an appointment with the bridal boutique and remember – you should not pay to try on their wedding gowns. HITCHED! Bridal boutique does not have any trial or deposit policies.

3. Ask to try on wedding gowns that are part of the Augusta Jones collection. Why? Because the Augusta Jones wedding gown collection is available in 150 stores worldwide, including HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong. With so many stores carrying the brand, you know Augusta Jones bridal dresses are top-notch. HITCHED! Bridal boutique carries Augusta Jones bridal gowns such as these:

The Augusta Jones wedding gowns have intricate details and are excellently modified to highlight every bride-to-be’s fabulous curves. The Augusta Jones bridal collection also includes mermaid style dresses.

So are you ready to look for that perfect wedding gown? With the aforementioned tips, the hunt may make finding your perfect gown a piece of cake.

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The Opportunities and Pitfalls of Android Apps In China

November 19, 2012

With over 35 million active iOS and Android devices in China, there is no denying that the mobile app in the mainland is huge, the kind of scale that makes small and big investors alike eager to make their mark. However, such a market comes with its own set of potential as well as challenges.

Consider the top downloaded social applications by users in China:

(Source: China Internet Watch)

If your business is suitable for the apps market, entering China seems like a no brainer. However, there are challenges.

As Google has yet to formally support the Android Market in the country due to censorship concerns and ongoing discussion with the China government, the app market is fragmented with dozens of alternative stores operated by small studios. These independent outfits engage in fierce battle for app market dominance. Just to name a few, there is AppChina, Tencent’s app store, Gfan, HiAPK, etc. and many, many more.

(Source: Tech in Asia)

With such a free app market, it can be as a boom to businesses who can swoop in with useful apps and market it on multiple stores. However, this scenario is also riddled with ongoing problems such as piracy, malware risks, and lack of an app payment gateway.

Yet another consideration for businesses considering entering the China app market would be a unique industry dynamic quite unseen in other countries. Unlike “the long tail” theory, in China, a very small percentage of the applications (estimated at around 4%) accounts for more than 80% of active installations. Highly popular apps are getting the lion’s share of app users attention, while many others remain totally unheard of.

It does seem that until Google launches an Android Marketplace for China, the marketplace may not be as comfortable as it can be for businesses to get into. The future, of course, remains uncharted and as volatile as ever.

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Tips on How to Market Your Business Sustainably with Accor Planet 21

November 17, 2012

Running a green business gives your company a competitive edge. Today, consumers care more about going green than they ever have. While offering green products and services is the ultimate goal, there are other ways to lower your impact on the environment along the way. One of the easiest ways to do this is to market your business sustainably. Using the seven pillars of Accor’s Planet 21 program is a great way to get started in setting your sustainability goals. Here are a few tips for your business to try.

Lower your business’ carbon footprint by buying your marketing materials locally. Not only will this require less transportation and less CO2 emissions, this will also save your company shipping costs.

Take it a step further by printing all your marketing materials on recycled paper. Pamphlets, fliers, posters, and mailings can all be printed on recycled material and is in line with Accor’s Nature pillar. Let consumers know that you’re being eco-friendly by stamping all your marketing materials with “printed on recycled materials.” You can also print a friendly reminder to consumers to recycle on the bottom or back of your documents. Instead of printing and mailing newsletters, have consumers subscribe to a monthly email newsletter.

Recycling may seem like common sense when it comes to being green, but are you offering marketing materials that encourage green behavior? Instead of handing out disposable water bottles with your name on them, opt for reusable water bottles or mugs. When giving out food or hosting events with snacks, buy from local sustainable producers. Not only does this show consumers that you are dedicated to being green, it also introduces them to ways in which they can be more green with you!

Each small initial your business utilizes adds up to a huge impact on the environment. For more tips on how to green your business, visit Accor Planet 21’s blog at

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Sense of Touch Celebrates The Opening Of Tseung Kwan O Branch

November 13, 2012

We take deep pride in announcing the beginning of our foray into the international spa scene and the launch of our very own first hotel spa, at Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East at Tseung Kwan O.

Ample space to guarantee privacy in a truly luxurious environment.

Nestled within the spectacular new Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East, an international 5-star hotel, our Tseung Kwan O spa spans over 6,500 square feet, offering a level of personal space like never before. Our spacious veranda gives way to a panoramic view of the neighbourhood, perfect for that post-treatment relaxation.

A spa built to tease even the most discerning taste.

Sense of Touch Tseung Kwan O features seven private, Balinese-inspired pavilion villas to make you feel rejuvenated and restored before, during and after your treatments. For those of you indulging in our signature Sparty, sink yourself into the comfort of our relaxation room. It’s the perfect spot for you and your guests to relax, beautify and socialize.

Trusted by one of the most famous beauty brands in the world.

Sense of Touch is honoured to partner with Elemis, the leading luxury British spa and skincare brand, to design the perfect signature treatments, created exclusively for the Tseung Kwan O Spa. You will find these luxurious body and facial treatments to be everything you have ever dreamed of.

Come celebrate the launch of our Tseung Kwan O branch with us with these exceptional offers (valid till 30 November, 2012):

  • 40% off Cellu M6® Endermolab and O.X.Y Therapy treatments for first trial clients
  • 25% off facial, massage, body and signature treatments
  • Sign up for any membership package and receive an additional $500 coupon

Don’t take our word for it. Come on by to Sense of Touch Tseung Kwan O at Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East for possibly the best spa experience yet.

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How Your Business Can Benefit From Pinterest (the Edible Arrangements Experience)

November 12, 2012

Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the most successful social networking websites these days. With an average of 1.36 million users every single day (and the number seems to only increase as time goes by), Pinterest is definitely the place to be if you want to create a good web presence, not only for yourself, but for your business.

But exactly how does a business with niche products and services like Edible Arrangements Hong Kong benefit from a popular social photo pinboard like Pinterest?

For one, the sheer number of users is already an important reason as to why you should join the community. With over a million users per day, just imagine how many potential customers are within your reach!
Secondly, Pinterest allows businesses to target an active female audience. Roughly 28 percent of Pinterest users are mothers who have a household income of US $100,000 and above (source: Modea). Businesses and products that serve females and mothers, such as Edible Arrangements Hong Kong with its fresh and healthy fruit bouquets, do extremely well with attracting new customers on Pinterest.

Thirdly, Pinterest also gives its users the chance to showcase or feature products and ideas that may be associated with their existing products. These white chocolate covered strawberries below may not be the exact products from Edible Arrangements, but since Edible Arrangements does offer fruit bouquets with chocolate covered strawberries, it can be used as a powerful cross-over tool to drive more customers to Edible Arrangements Hong Kong.

There are still so many benefits of joining Pinterest but perhaps the best way to really fully understand the advantages is to join the community. Start by following the Edible Arrangements Pinterest account and see how your own business can benefit from it as well.

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