Triple O’s Veggie Burger Has Vegetarians Rejoicing

We know it’s hard to get a good burger in Hong Kong, especially if you’re vegetarian. Triple O’s changed the burger scene when it first opened its doors in Hong Kong, but did you know that our Veggie Burger has been a vegetarian’s favorite all these years? With a Veggie Burger that’s so delicious and satisfying, meat-lovers are also starting to take notice.

Our Veggie Burger has a tasty vegetarian patty cooked to perfection on a separate grille from our meat burgers in order to preserve vegetarian specifications. Topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, and of course, the famous Triple O’s sauce, our Veggie Burger is finally placed in our fresh, lightly toasted homestyle buns right before we serve it into your eagerly waiting hands. Vegetarians are sure to love our Veggie Burger Combo that comes with french fries and a drink. Meat-lovers will even considering turning into vegetarians themselves once they see you enjoying your Veggie Burger so much!

Triple O’s is committed to giving our customers the best burger in town. Our ingredients are sourced globally: relish and pickles from Canada, chicken from Brazil, and beef from Australia so that our diners can enjoy the true taste of a burger as it should be.

Of course, you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy Triple O’s Veggie Burger Combo. We don’t discriminate. We want all our guests to walk away happy and satisfied with their Triple O’s dining experience!

We know you love a Triple O’s burger. Now it’s time for you to experience the Veggie Burger! Head down to a Triple O near you today!

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