Fabulous Holiday Gift Ideas from Paul Gerrard

Happy holidays from Paul Gerrard! We know it’s a busy time of the year for us all, what with holiday parties, shopping for gifts, spending time with your closest friends, family gatherings, and maintaining that fabulous style of yours. Finding the perfect holiday gift for your friends and family shouldn’t add to your holiday stress. We’ve decided to make it easy for you to keep your loved ones happy and beautiful this year with these fabulous limited edition and Christmas gift packages from Paul Gerrard salon!

The Christmas Liquid Gold Discovery Collection from Alpha H features the most iconic and luxurious products from Alpha H. With the beautiful gold packaging, this is the ultimate gift for your loved ones who love the best in skincare.

No daily skincare routine is complete without Dermalogica skincare products. The Skin Health Carry-All Bag from Dermalogica has all the best-selling products to help turn dry, winter skin into healthy, radiant skin. With three different colors to choose from, why not get the Dermalogica Skin Health Carry-All Bag for all your friends?

No one likes shiny, oily skin, especially during the holidays when bright Christmas lights can make you look like Rudolph. Janie Iredale’s Triple Pearl Finishing Powder is a skin-nourishing finish powder that keeps you looking luminous, not greasy. Compact enough to keep in your purse, this finishing powder will be your best friend, and your, favorite gift this season!

Find all your holiday gifts at Paul Gerrard salon in Hong Kong today. There’s no better gift than the gift of beauty! Happy holidays from everyone at Paul Gerrard salon!

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