HIV Advocates Story: Mikhail Golichenko and HIV Law

Meet HIV advocate Mikhail Golichenko, Senior Policy Analyst for the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. Mikhail has worked for the Legal Network since 2010, focusing on drug policy issues in Russian speaking countries. As a part of a new HIVAdvocates video series, Mikhail shares his story to inspire others to speak up for those living with, or are vulnerable to HIV.

People living with HIV face many difficulties beyond the infection itself- stigma, discrimination, criminalization, and human rights violations being just a few. Mikhail aims to address human rights violations in legal battles with the help of his organization.

Do you know the legal requirements in your country surrounding those living with HIV? Are you required to be represented by a professional lawyer? Mikhail helps to educate HIV positive people about the legal processes in their home countries to prevent them from being taken advantage of.

Why is this work important? While many countries have signed and ratified treaties protecting those living with and are vulnerable to HIV, they are not necessarily implemented on the national level. Other issues surround those who aren’t aware of the legal representation requirements in their country, and those who don’t have access to the necessary support to either learn the requirements or to gain the representation. Proper education and support not only keeps those living with HIV from being taken advantage of, it also keeps them from being lost in the system.

Our newvideo series aims to continue to educate others through the personal stories of passionate and dedicated HIV advocates like Mikhail Golichenko.

Are you an HIV advocate? Share your story with us. Connect. Vocalize. Amplify.

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