You Don’t Need Voodoo to Get Great Skin, You Need Black Chicken from Paul Gerrard Salon

Beautiful skin is sought after the world over and most people are willing to try anything just to get that glowing, healthy skin they’ve always wanted. Luckily, wild, and wacky skin solutions have come to an end with Black Chicken Remedies, an Australian skincare line
made with 100% natural ingredients, made available by Paul Gerrard salon in Hong Kong.

Black Chicken Remedies’ first product, Love Your Body Oil, is a special combination of natural oils including sandalwood, geranium, patchouli, and lavender that provide a deep, long-lasting moisture to help nourish and revive dry, dull skin. Love Your Body Oil also helps prevent the signs of aging. No wonder it’s the most famous and best loved product from Black Chicken Remedies!

In order to help us all put our most beautiful face forward, Black Chicken Remedies has come up with Love Your Face Serum to help you transform your current skin into a hydrated, smoother, and firmer complexion. The highly concentrated formula penetrates deep into your skin and continues to work day and night to put back into your skin what life has taken out.

Have we mentioned that all Black Chicken Remedies products smell divine? The fragrance, with hints of the tropics and ocean surf, not only smells fresh and rejuvenating, but also works with both men and women.

All Black Chicken Remedies are certified NASTY free, meaning there are no parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, or artificial colours that can actually strip your skin of its natural moisture and balance.

To get your hands on Black Chicken Remedies, visit Paul Gerrard salon in Hong Kong today.

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