Chicken Supreme Burger Combo

January 25, 2013

Triple O’s has been serving up burgers for almost a century in Canada and more recently with its first international store in Hong Kong which opened in 2003. All of our Triple O’s burgers use fresh, quality ingredients and are made-to-order so you know they will be fresh. Of course, when you think of burgers, beef burgers are the first to come to mind.  But we have a yummy chicken that satisfies even the pickiest chicken eater!

Our Original Burger Combo is definitely the most popular combo in Hong Kong to date, but the Chicken Supreme Burger Combo will give it a run for its money. Made with grilled boneless-skinless chicken breast topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and honey mustard mayo on a lightly toasted homestyle bun, our Chicken Supreme Burger is a healthy alternative to our beef burgers without taking away the meat.

Now we know what you might be thinking, “What? No Triple O’s sauce?” but we guarantee you that you won’t miss it with the Chicken Supreme Burger. It’s tasty and juicy enough to hold its own. Feeling a extra hungry? Make it a Chicken Supreme Burger Combo served with french fries and a soft drink.

Committed to being the best burger in the city, Triple O’s brings together the best ingredients from around the globe to your burger: relish and pickles from Canada, chicken from Brazil, and beef from Australia. Now that’s dedication to bring you the best!
We know you love our beef burgers, but come give our Chicken Supreme Burger a try! Head down to your nearest Triple O’s today.

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