A Closer Look at Social Media Trends in Asia

January 29, 2013

There is no question that social media is changing everything. From the way people communicate to the way businesses now market themselves, it’s impossible to ignore the power and the effect of social media. As a whole, Asia has embraced social media in a way that no other region in the world has. JamiQ provides a closer look at the social media trends taking place.

Video sharing is among the most popular social media in use with Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan among the highest viewers of video on the internet. Facebook is still a powerful and popular social media network, ranking number one as the most used across the region except in China. Renren takes the top prize in China over Facebook as the most popular network. Blogs are favored in certain countries, Vietnam and South Korea being the top two countries to utilize blogs, while other countries such as China, Malaysia, and the Philippines have yet to be impressed by the full potential of blogs.

With such varied and extensive social media networks at work in Asia, it’s difficult for brands to effectively follow the changing trends within Asia. As more and more people become connected online, companies will need new ways to understand the changing market.

With JamiQ social media monitoring services, your company will never fall behind social media trends in Asia, as well as the rest of the world. See what JamiQ can do for your business.

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