Original Burger Combo: Taste the History and the Legend

Do you ever wonder how Triple “O” sauce got its name? When Nat Bailey opened up shop in Vancouver, Canada, he provided in-car dining where waitresses (carhops) would bring your meal to your car. Carhops would use shorthand to write orders for burgers that wanted no sauce, “XXX” or extra sauce, “OOO”. From that moment on, our famous sauce was called “Triple ‘O’” sauce. The Triple “O” sauce may be a guarded secret, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some on one of our famous burgers.

As a bestseller and a staple to the Triple O’s burger family, the Original Burger is made with 100% pure beef patty, fresh lettuce, and tomatoes on a lightly toasted homestyle bun. We didn’t forget to mention the Triple “O” sauce, we just wanted to save it for last because a Triple O’s burger is not a Triple O’s burger without the sweet and tangy flavour of this famous sauce. What would make this burger even better is by making it a combo with our skin-on french fries with dippin’ gravy or our White Spot Caesar salad.

Providing Hong Kong with the best burger out there is only a privilege that we strive to meet with each and every burger served. Triple O’s burgers are made with the freshest ingredients and made to order so they are always fresh, juicy, and delicious, just the way Nat Bailey originally served them in 1928.

So don’t just take our word for how good our burgers are. Taste the history and the legend that is known as the Original Burger Combo today at a Triple O’s near you!

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