Our Original Tart Flavour is Still Our Most Popular

Dessert in Hong Kong has never been more satisfying than with YoMama frozen yogurt. It’s low in calories, almost fat-free, and has no cholesterol so you can indulge in this frozen treat at anytime without feeling guilty. YoMama has multiple flavours of frozen yogurt for you to indulge in, but if you’re finding it hard to pick one, we highly suggest our Original Tart flavour.

Why Original Tart? It’s simple and hands down the best flavour, goes with everything and even tastes great on its own. It’s also by far the crowd favourite with over 70% of people choosing Original Tart as their flavour of frozen yogurt.

Many companies have tried to copy the Original Tart texture and taste, but it has yet to be done. Every serving of YoMama frozen yogurt also contains our “super probiotic” culture, “Super+,” making our frozen yogurt healthy and a delicious choice for that sweet tooth.

Digging into the first bite of YoMama’s Original Tart frozen yogurt without any toppings won’t be a surprise. It will be exactly how you know and remember it. Whether or not you top your frozen yogurt with our homemade mochi or chocolate sauce and fresh cut fruit is entirely up to you. All we can say is that the Original Tart will not overpower your choice of toppings and will only complement them with its brilliant flavour.

After reading about our yogurt, we bet you’re craving some of its freshness right about now. Curb that craving and have an Original Tart  yogurt by heading over to one of our eight YoMama locations in Hong Kong now!

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