PRDA Shares: Social Media Trends to Look for in 2013

2012 has come and gone, and with a new year, it’s time to put our social media strategies into high gear. PRDA has put together a short list of social media trends that you should look out for in 2013.

Increasing Visuals

2012’s big news was Facebook purchasing Instagram. It should come as no surprise that eye-catching images will be crucial this upcoming year. Likewise, Pinterest grew the quickest- over 1000%- in 2012. To keep up with the social media game, 2013 will have brands needing to embrace the right visual platform to reach their consumers.

Twitter Soars

Facebook’s public status has caused the social media giant to worry about profits. This has hurt some brand pages with limited reach algorithms and pay-to-use services. Twitter continues to deliver its users’ messages to all followers without limitations. Twitter has also started personalizing profiles with a “TweetRank” that includes engagement, influence, and interests. This allows brands to better target the right audience.

Go Mobile

There are over 600 million total monthly mobile active Facebook users. Every major social media network has a mobile ready site, as well as a mobile application designed for users on the go. Creating content that is mobile friendly will be crucial this year as more brands find consumers researching brands, products, and services from their tablets and cellphones.

Facebook Improves

Facebook will work hard to maintain its social media dominance this year. They are rolling out user satisfaction surveys to try to hone what consumers are really looking for on social media and what brands need to aid their social media marketing strategies. Their soon-to-be new feature, Graph Search, will allow users to find photos, products, and pages that match their interests more easily. A premium version of Facebook Pages will be offered to give brands better insights around specific fan segments to more efficiently target their consumers and better tailor their content.

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