Boost Your Immune System This Spring With Edible Arrangements Hong Kong

Spring is almost upon us and with the changing season comes fresh, ripe fruit. Boost your immune system this spring season with an effective way to do so – splurge on vitamin rich fruit, like the ones in Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s fruit bouquets! These edible arrangements are packed with fruit which can provide the necessary nutrients for your immune system.

Pineapples, which are a good source of vitamin C, are a perfect fruit to indulge in this spring. According to studies, adult women need 75 mg of vitamin C everyday while men require 90 mg.

Another great source of vitamin C is strawberries, just eight strawberries have more vitamin C than a single orange. These bite-sized treats also help boost the strength of arteries and the body’s stress glands. Eating strawberries can also help prevent bruising.

So how about eating both of these fruit together in one sitting? The Pearadise Celebration from Edible Arrangements Hong Kong is a good start. Check out how pineapples are artfully turned into stars and daisies, with strawberries adding a rich red color:

However, if you want more strawberries, the Berry Chocolate Bouquet with Hearts in Red Container is the answer!

Apples can also help your immune system and even help decrease the possibility of cancer. Cornell University researchers have identified compounds called triterpenoids in apple peels and they concluded that these have potent anti-growth activities against cancer cells in our liver, colon, and breast.

How about treating yourself to these benefits with the Sweet Indulgence Platter by Edible Arrangements Hong Kong? You don’t just get chocolate covered apple wedges, you also get pineapple daisies and strawberries covered with coconut, chocolate, and almonds.

Spring is nature’s time of renewal and growth. Take advantage of the season and improve your own body’s renewal and growth with healthy fruit. Edible Arrangements Hong Kong is ready to help you boost your immune system with our array of fruit bouquets, fruit baskets, and other eye-catching and delicious fruit masterpieces at very affordable prices.

So are you ready to be a healthier you this spring?

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