Using Pinterest To Pin Your Business To The Leaderboard

In the age of oversharing, engaging your users using visuals (instead of text) seems to be the new trick on the social network block. The beauty of carefully curated photos and the love for liking, sharing, and commenting seem to be a match made in heaven, and Pinterest is one of the best platforms available at the moment.

You will do well to enlist Pinterest in your social media network; here’s five tips to get you ahead of the pack:

#1 Confirm that images do, in fact, represent your business

As a visual platform, Pinterest can only work its magic if your business and images go hand-in-hand together. It is a no brainer for fashion stores, restaurants, travel operators and beauticians to hop onto the bandwagon, but can it work for a financial institution? Make sure you you can utilise Pinterest’s platform for your specific business.

#2 Keep it nice, keep it clean

The layout of Pinterest is incredibly clean and pleasing to the eye. Pin your images with care, and be selective. Organise them into appropriate themed boards so that your users can enjoy your content most easily and most efficiently.

#3 Share the love

As a business, it is natural to promote your own content, and yours exclusively. However, the key to success on Pinterest is the value of the community. Be sure to balance your Pinterest with self-promotion and sharing other pinboards and images related to your business for success.

#4 Make your content shareable

This may seem obvious, but you may be surprised by how many businesses that forget to make their content shareable. Images on your website should be made instantly pin-able to Pinterest using the available plugin. Make it easy for your users to show you some pinning love.

#5 Get inspired… by your competitors

The idea is not to steal, but to learn. Browse around pins and boards of other similar businesses, and learn why some are more successful than others. This could serve as a great jumpstart to your Pinterest effort.

Everyone loves a good visual, so start pinning today.

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