Twitter: Fastest-Growing Social Platform

Social media is the biggest phenomenon to hit brand awareness and marketing in recent years. With more than a billion users and a net worth of the same value, Facebook is just one of the top social media giants out there. With increasing numbers in social media platforms and users, Twitter is now exceeding Facebook as the fastest growing social media platform.

The last quarterly report for 2012 by Global Web Index indicates a whopping 21% of the internet users use Twitter on a monthly basis, equal to 288 million monthly active users. The number of Twitter users increased by a sharp 40% in the last quarter of 2012, with users in USA increasing by 94%, but Hong Kong takes the lead with active usage. Twitter has altogether grown 714% since July 2009, with only 35.47 million monthly active users.


How did these sharp figures come about? One reason could be that the number of smartphone users has seen an increase this past year, with active mobile internet usage increasing from 37% to 43%. Furthermore, advertisements, sports and media personnel have given Twitter the exposure it needed. With every brand boasting a Twitter account, it was only a matter of time before Twitter gained significant lead in the race as the next social media giant.


With such a rapid growth in social media marketing, companies are eager to reach an ever-growing audience and consumer market. Contact JamiQ to see how we can help your business expand on social media.


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