Dip, Dunk, and Eat Your Way Through Triple O’s


Since arriving in Hong Kong in 2003, Triple O’s has been serving up the best burgers in the city. From the original burger to the fish burger and to everything else in between, there is a Triple O’s burger for every one of your cravings. However, don’t let our reputation of being a burger joint fool you. Our chicken strips are pretty darn good too. Lightly battered and made with chicken breast, our chicken strips are the perfect alternative to a burger.

At Triple O’s, eating with your hands is considered normal and no matter how old you are, you will always be allowed to play with your food. Dunking and dipping are not only seen on the basketball courts in Hong Kong, but is also a common practice at our restaurants. Our chicken strips and signature BBQ and honey mustard dipping sauces make the perfect dunking team. Licking your fingers clean is also highly encouraged. However, chicken strips just aren’t chicken strips without french fries so make your next order a combo with our thick cut fries and a soft drink.

What are you waiting for? Head down to Triple O’s near you and dip, dunk, and play with your Chicken Strips Combo now!

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