Only The Finest Ingredients At Triple O’s


There are many reasons the food at Triple O’s is so delicious, but it starts with the ingredients. At Triple O’s we make sure to get only the freshest, high-quality ingredients so we can continue to bring you the best burgers in Hong Kong.


Our juicy, made to order burgers are made with quality 100% Australian Chuck Beef, making for a tasty burger that melts in your mouth. Topped with lettuce, tomato, and our famous Triple O’s sauce and you have a burger to write home about.


Although Triple O’s is famous for our beef burgers, we also serve crispy chicken strips and a delicious chicken burger, both paired with our homemade honey mustard sauce, for those of you who prefer something leaner and lighter.

For all the fish fans out there, Triple O’s also has a fish burger on offer. Made from fresh New Zealand ling cod, it tastes great on our signature toasted bun with a serving of tartar sauce.

All of our patties, whether they are beef, chicken, or fish, come from great sources, and so it’s important that they are cooked well. We use canola oil at Triple O’s to fry our ingredients, as it is amongst the healthiest cooking oils. Not only does it contain less saturated fat than most oils, it is also an excellent source of Omega 6.


Explore what we have on offer and get your burger fix – head to a Triple O’s restaurant near you!


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