Yo Mama Bakes Up Delicious Mini Macarons & Palmiers

March 11, 2013


Yo Mama has revolutionized the dessert scene since it first landed in Hong Kong. Offering an alternative to unhealthy desserts, Yo Mama offers an indulgent yet healthy option that people don’t have to feel guilty about!

Froyo fans here are well aware of Yo Mama’s unique flavours and their fresh, delicious toppings on offer. To keep things interesting, Yo Mama is now offering freshly baked mini macarons and palmiers for your enjoyment.

In addition to our range of delicious toppings, such as original and green tea mochi and brownie chunks, our pastry chefs have created delectable homemade mini macarons and palmiers.

Why mini versions, you ask? Yo Mama chefs are perfectionists, and wanted to deliver the full taste of macarons and palmiers, which couldn’t be done when they are crushed up.

What’s the fun in only eating the meringue or the filling of a macaron? So our chefs created mini versions of our Parisian favourites for your enjoyment!


Don’t feel guilty about adding both of our Homemade Mini Macarons and Palmiers to your frozen yogurt because Yo Mama’s froyo is one of the healthiest dessert options out there. Our froyo is low in calories, virtually fat free, cholesterol free, and loaded with probiotics.


Do we even have to ask what you’re waiting for? Head down to your nearest Yo Mama outlet and indulge in our guilt free froyo and homemade macarons and palmiers today.


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