Send Your Taste Buds To Heaven With The New Pearadise Fruit Bouquets

March 21, 2013

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong, that store that sells eye-catching fruit bouquets and baskets, is offering something new. And not only that – Edible Arrangements is actually confident that their new and delicious fruit bouquets can send your taste buds to “pearadise”!

Edible Arrangements Hong Kong now has the magnificent Pearadise Collection – arrangements composed of fresh, sweet and juicy pears and other delectable fruits.

The Pearadise Festival fruit arrangement is part of their new collection. Imagine yummy and crisp pear wedges dipped in delicious semisweet chocolate! Pineapples are also artfully crafted into pretty daisies. The beautifully arranged Pearadise Festival also boasts of honeydews, oranges, strawberries, cantaloupes and grapes.

Meanwhile, the Pearadise Daisy fruit bouquet is also guaranteed to send your taste buds to heaven!

Get green and crispy pear wedges dipped in gourmet chocolate along with pineapples, strawberries, melon and grapes. Perfect to send as a gift to a friend who needs cheering up or for your own indulgence on a lazy weekend, you can ask that the Pearadise Daisy be placed in either a ceramic container or a keepsake Edible Arrangements mug.

So which one of these do you like? Place your order now and taste a bit of heaven!

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Feel the warmth at Rosedale’s Times Plaza Hotel

March 21, 2013


During the cold winter months it’s important to rest and recuperate in a warm and relaxing environment. Rosedale’s Time Plaza Hotel Shenyang understands the needs for the travelling executive, which is exactly why we’re offering our fantastic Winter Warmth Package to help our guests relax and stay warm during these harsh winter weeks.

The promotion period for this package ends March 13, 2013 for our distinguished executive guests. Our Winter Warmth Package includes a spacious and luxurious Deluxe Room to comfort our guests from the chilly Shen Yang Winter. The package also includes complimentary breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as free use of our Fitness Centre facilities, ensuring that every need is met with a high standard quality service.

Rosedale’s Time Plaza Hotel Shenyang is dedicated to bringing a memorable and distinctive fine dining experience to every customer. That’s why we offer an amazing hot pot as part of our Winter Warmth Package at our Cheena Restaurant. If our guest’s tastes require alternative options, Cheena Restaurant is renowned for its diverse and delicious dishes. The health conscious travelling executive will love our Nutritious Dinner menu ensuring that all the important vitamins and minerals are included for our guests.

Rosedale’s Time Plaza Hotel Shenyang ensures that all our guests receive the highest quality service through our welcoming Winter Warmth Package. Book your stay while the promotion lasts.

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