one2free: It’s time to turn Hong Kong into a live PLAYGROUND.


One2free, Hong Kong’s most colorful mobile communications brand, now gives you the power to turn your phone into an explosion of fun, just a press of a button away!

One2free is launching its brainchild, PLAYGROUND, this April with three exciting bite-sized
games that promise to take Hong Kong by storm. One of the most anticipated ones among these seem to be the Fishball Master.

If you think being a true Fishball Master was easy, think again. You’ll need nimble fingers and sharp senses to feed this hungry crowd of Hong Kongers. Master the local art of serving fishballs to a feisty lot that has lined up outside your shop! Flick the correct number of fishballs into the mouths of customers as fast as you can and then move them along as soon as they are full to serve the next customer in line.

You’ve got to hurry too because the clock is ticking away! The more fishballs you serve and the more customers you please, the better you score! But the fun doesn’t stop there. The rewards at PLAYGROUND might just get you your own plateful of fishballs! Real time rewards mean that you can not only brag about your high scores but also redeem discount coupons all around Hong Kong.

If you can’t wait to try your hand at flinging fishballs, and other exciting games, download the app today! You should also head over to the Facebook page to make sure you are in on all the latest updates rewards and badges! With PLAYGROUND in your hands, fun, games and giveaways will never be too far away. Log on to the website to find out more.

To learn more:
one2free offical website:
one2free facebook:
Download Fishball Master:

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