How to make family vacations fun and educational for kids


Spring break has come and gone, but summer vacation will be here before you know it! While vacations are a great chance to build memories through quality family time, they also present unique opportunities to help your children learn. SPRING has gathered some tips to help you introduce different learning experiences to your child while having a blast on your family vacation.

Planning time is the first opportunity you have to teach your kids a little something extra. When mapping out a road-trip, show your little one the route you’ll be taking on the map to help introduce them to geography. This is a great chance to teach your child about North, East, South, and West and to even talk about topography. What kind of landmarks will you pass by? Can you get your little one to remember the names of the locations? You can teach your child valuable life skills including how to pack a suitcase, how to plan for a long plane ride, how to budget, and how to prepare for cultural differences in a new place.

History is everywhere! No matter where you plan on going for your next big vacation, there is bound to be a historic attraction there. Take your kids on a tour and give them history lesson about events that happened, or what children did in those periods. Many historic locations even have re-enactments or opportunities for dress up for more interactive fun!

Museums are another great learning opportunity for your kids. There are many different types of museums to take advantage of- art museums, historical museums, and even cultural ones. Most museums offer special activities for kids like painting, scavenger hunts, digging for dinosaur bones, and dress up. See which museums are near your destination and find out what they have to offer.

You can never go wrong teaching your children about animals! If you’re going to stay in a rural area, make a visit to a farm. Your kids can learn about what it’s like to raise farm animals, how to milk cows, and how to collect eggs, and even how to ride horses. If you’ll be visiting somewhere coastal, check out some local marine life and teach your child about the ocean. National parks offer great hikes and a wealth of opportunities to learn about native animals and flora and fauna.

Finding new ways to teach your kids to learn while having fun is important. SPRING knows that children need to be exposed to a range of stimulation to reach their learning potential. See what classes they have to offer today! For more parenting tips, information, and more, check out SPRING online.

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