Groom your eyebrows and lashes for peepers that POP!


Your eyes are often the first things other people notice, so make sure they’re noticing how beautiful your eyes can be! This is where Jane Iredale, found at Paul Gerrard Salon, comes in! Known as The Skin Care Makeup, the Jane Iredale line is all natural and safe, which is important when you’re dealing with an area as delicate as the eyes.

Your eyebrows not only frame your lovely face, but they help keep debris from falling into your eyes, which is why they’re nothing to be ignored! Show your brows some love, the Jane Iredale way!  Jane Iredale’s Pure Brow Fix & Mascara is a clear gel in a double-ended tube with a comb at one end and a spoolie brush on the other end so you can get the best application to tame unruly brows or use as a mascara for dark lashes for a glossy effect. To smooth out your brows, use the comb end and gently comb through your brows to straighten them out and the clear gel will hold them in place for a clean shape that will give you a polished look.

Your eyelashes appreciate the natural care they get from Jane Iredale too and they appreciate it even more when the care does double duty and makes them look glamorous, rich and full! This dual purpose formula contains sea minerals that condition lashes so they can grow to their fullest potential while thousands of cellulose fibers coat the lashes for that long, fluttery look that every woman covets. Jane Iredale’s mascara comes in basic black and brown and 4 new shades that go from subtle to “look at me!” So what are you waiting for? Give your brows and lashes a treat and discover why Jane Iredale’s line is so popular

To get your hands onJane Iredale, The Skin Care Makeup, visit Paul Gerrard salon in Hong Kong today.

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