Retain Your Employees by Starting With Your Team

May 1, 2013

Great employees will bring value to your company and will keep customers coming back for more. These types of assets are important to keep around, but how? Business Registration Hong Kong recommends starting at home with your team.

The first step to retention is to evaluate the team you already have. How can you improve the quality of new hires? Who are your all-stars that you want to keep around? How can you further develop those who aren’t quite hitting the mark? Being able to answer these questions will set up the whole process.

Start off the evaluation process with those who are underperforming. Assess whether the job is the wrong fit for them, whether the company culture isn’t right for them, or if they aren’t clear on the requirements and expectations of the job. Be sure to provide specific feedback, goals, and objectives along the way. If this has all been completed and the employee is still underperforming, let the person go. Sometimes jobs just don’t fit well with certain people, and now you’ve freed them to find a job more suited for them.

To improve the quality of new hires, implement a team recruitment strategy. Figure out what roles you need filled in the team, and involve those who will be working with the new recruit in the interviewing and hiring process. This can be done in the following three ways:

Employee as agent

This type of setup offers some sort of monetary incentive to current employees who help successfully recruit new team-members. This is particularly successful because current employees have a first-hand understanding of how teams work, what each role does, and what the company culture is like. Being an employee as agent gives the employee added value because they feel that their opinion matters. It also reduces the company’s reliance on external recruiting sources, saving both time and money.

Employee as contributing evaluator

This type of team-based recruiting invites current employees to weigh in on the interview process. They give their opinions of possible recruits and give insight on how these potential candidates will fit in with the team. This gives current employees a more substantial say in the company, more value from inclusion, and fosters positive working relationships.

Employee as sponsor

Employee sponsorship helps reduce stress on new recruits by giving them a go-to person who can answer any questions they might have, provide guidance, and offer additional training outside of orientation. This improves the way the company is seen by new recruits, and how new recruits are seen by current employees. It fosters positive working relationships between all employees, as well as strengthens the bond and productivity of a team from day one.

Whatever method you choose, employee retention is one of the easiest ways to keep your business ahead of the competition. Keep your team happy by including them in the hiring process and watch productivity soar. For more information on how to improve your business, how to get started, and more, visit Business Registration Hong Kong.

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HIV Organizations Team Up to “Know It, Prove It, Change It”

May 1, 2013

While many organizations focus on education and safe-sex awareness,  HIV Advocates knows that advocacy is crucial for the cause. This is why HIV Advocates features the accomplishments of grassroots organizations around the world and highlights advocates’ stories. A group of three organizations in Asia have come together to create a three-part publication discussing HIV advocacy.

Asia Catalyst, Thai AIDS Treatment Action Group (TTAG) and Dongjen Center for Human Rights Education and Action lead the creation of the publication, while consulting 120 Asia-based organizations for their input. TTAG is based out of Bangkok, Thailand with the goal of achieving equal access to HIV treatment for all, especially highly marginalized groups like drug users and those in prison. Dongjen Center for Human Rights Education and Action, from Beijing, China, aims to defend the rights of people living with HIV and change Chinese law to protect those living with AIDS. Asia Catalyst, based out of New York in the United States, is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that provides resources, coaching, and technical assistance to new NGOs.

Each part of the series has a manual that discusses the steps to take as well as a trainer’s supplement that includes lesson plans, sample exercises, and templates to be used for instructional workshops. “Know It,” the first publication in the series, is rich with human rights information for HIV advocates and those living with HIV to use. The second portion, “Prove It,” teaches grassroots organizations and those living with HIV about how to properly document human rights abuses to stay legally protected. The most recent publication of the three-part series, “Change It,” focuses on helping other grassroots organizations know how to how to launch successful advocacy campaigns. It aims to educate with key terms used and case studies of creative advocacy campaigns.

TTAG, Asia Catalyst, and Dongjen Center for Human Rights Education and Action is always looking for input from other grassroots organizations. To help improve the series, email Asia Catalyst at For more HIV advocacy resources, news, and advice, visit HIV Advocates online.


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The World Sees the First Child Functionally Cured of HIV

May 1, 2013

Scientists have been searching for a cure to HIV and AIDS since its discovery. While the scientific community still maintains that no actual cure has been found, a functional cure was recently discovered in a two-year old child.

The child, a resident of Mississippi, United States, was diagnosed with HIV at birth. Doctor  Hannah Gay of the University of Mississippi was the one to make the diagnoses. She immediately placed the child on antiretroviral therapy. After 18 months, the child stopped taking antiretroviral medications and was lost for follow-up. However, five months later, the child came in for a checkup and had no detectable viral loads.

Several doctors were able to confirm the functional cure thanks to an amfAR grant. Doctor Deborah Persaud of Johns Hopkins University was one of the doctors to collaborate. The tests that followed confirmed that both the mother and child had HIV without a doubt, but that there were no longer any more viral loads in the child.

This functional cure goes to show that early treatment may help one’s battle against HIV. For years, doctors and scientists have recommended that those diagnosed with HIV begin antiretroviral treatment immediately. This child has come to be a shining example of why that is.

To stay up to date with the latest news about HIV and AIDS, visit HIV Advocates online. Get your daily dose of advocacy stories, advice, and inspiration.


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Complete your Business Dinner with an Elite Set Menu at Rosedale Beijing

May 1, 2013

During important Business Dinner’s the quality of cuisine needs to reflect the quality of our clients. Rosedale Beijing understands the needs for the travelling executive, which is exactly why we’re offering our fantastic Business Elite Set Menu to ensure our guests enjoy a nutritional yet delicious culinary experience.

The Business Elite Set Menu includes 2 cold dishes, 6 hot dishes, nourishing soup as well as one soft drink. The menu is priced at only ¥488 with a dinner set for four people also available. The Dinner set menu is located in the luxurious yet comfortable Cheena Chinese Restaurant on Level 1.

Rosedale Beijing is dedicated to bringing a memorable and distinctive Business Dinner for all distinguished clientele. That’s why we offer an amazing Elite Business Dinner at our Cheena Chinese Restaurant. If our guest’s tastes require alternative options The Elite Business Dinner Set Menu can be upgraded to include a bottle of Red or White California Wine for only an additional ¥30.

Rosedale Beijing ensures that all our guests receive the highest quality culinary experience through our Elite Business Dinner Menu. Book your table while the promotion lasts.

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Rosedale Hotel Kowloon Has Alluring Sweet Temptations for you

May 1, 2013

The Hong Kong lifestyle can be very busy and stressful . Rosedale Hotel Kowloon knows that sometimes you may need a short break from the hectic and busy life you lead in Hong Kong, which is exactly why we’re offering a tantalizing Sweet Temptations menu at our Skyzone Lounge to stimulate and satisfy your senses, Monday through Sundays between 6:30pm and 11:00pm.

With a wide selection of desserts, the Sweet Temptations menu has something for just about anyone. Order delicious Belgium Waffles with a choice of ice cream for a truly Continental experience or a classic tiramisu cup. If you can’t choose a specific item on the menu why not indulge in our dessert platter for a wide range of sweet temptations.


The casual, but vibrant and modern atmosphere ofthe Skyzone Deck & Lounge is a great place for friends, family and business colleagues. You and your colleagues will be able to finalize project plans while helping yourselves to a delightful desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The Sweet Temptations Menu at Rosedale Hotel Kowloon are specially priced starting from $58 HKD per set so that you can make these evening indulgences an affordable weekly ritual.

The next time you start feeling overwhelmed at work, stop by Rosedale Hotel Kowloon and enjoy a Sweet Temptations Set.


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