Fruits You May Not Know But You May Want To Try

May 9, 2013

There are several fruits unbeknownst to many. This is not because they’re not delicious or healthy. In fact, a lot of them are. Perhaps it’s because they haven’t really been used in “mainstream” dishes. In this article, Edible Arrangements Hong Kong introduces you to two of these fruits you may not know but may want to try soon.

The first one is the Cloudberry. A fruit from the coldest region of the world, cloudberries can also be considered herbs. These usually have 1 to 3 leaves and their flowers are unisexual. Sometimes reddish tipped, cloudberries are usually salmon pink, pale yellow and red, depending on the stages of maturity. What’s great about these uncommon fruits is that they are great sources of vitamin C. Cloudberries are also great to be turned into jams and liquers.

 Another fancy fruit that not everyone may know is the Ackee. Quite interestingly, while it is considered a fruit, an ackee is cooked and used as a vegetable. In fact, Jamaicans consider it as part of their national dish. They usually pair it with salt fish. Ackees are considered ripe when the pods become bright red and split open to expose the fruit. When cooked, ackees become pretty delicate and crushes easily. This is why you need to add them to the pot last when you intend to use them for cooking.

So there you go. Two interesting, not-so-popular fruits that actually serve great purposes. Which of these two do you want to try? For more fruits you may not know, Edible Arrangements fixed this Pinterest page for you.

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