How is social media perceived by viewers today

May 24, 2013

Social media has ever-changing demographics. Its usage fluctuates depending on user age groups, occupations and global trends. As the audience has grown, so has the amount of content. With infinite options of channeling content, users focus on minute measures such as sharing and privacy laws. iAcquire explores these trend among social media users. Basic questions and related statistics mirror the mindset of the new age users of social media.

Facebook, the reigning social media giant, is surprisingly not the preferred network of certain age groups. 65% of Facebook users belong to the 30+ age group, while the 18-29 age group dominates 60% of Reddit and 85% of orkut! Results show that indeed privacy is a major concern and that 75% users disagree with sharing private search data while 70% of users don’t use Facebook for searching at all! Facebook has undeniably made sharing handy, yet 75% of users in the 45+ age group use email for sharing.

Other surprising result is the fact that only 12% of users are influenced by Likes and Shares, while 50% of users don’t consider images important in search results. This can serve as a setback for brands, whose sole purpose of promotional offers is to get more likes for their page! These sharp results could be influenced by the time spent on social media. While the time spent on Pinterest has increased a whopping 1000% in the past year, time spent on Facebook has increased only 4% while that on Google+ by 80%.

These statistics show that content on social media needs constant upgrading and attractions to attract users. Not only the quantity, but also the quality needs to include more areas of interest; encompassing humour, entertainment, sports, lifestyle and hobbies. JamiQ allows brands belonging to every aspect of life, be it celebrity news or fashion trends, the chance to make an impact among the masses of social media. Contact JamiQ and find out more on how social media can make you look attractive.

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