Take Matters Into Your Own Hands with Crowd Control

Welcome to Hong Kong, one of the most crowded places on earth! Try walking through our busy streets to see just how chaotic it can be! Yet it is the haven for so many who call it home. One2free has come up with an ingenious way to use the crazy crowdedness of Hong Kong to make it more endearing. Introducing the newest addition to Playground, Crowd Control.

Prove how skilled you are at weaving your way through the masses with Crowd Control by tilting your phone to navigate your player through the hordes of Hong Kongers and see how far you can get. The further you get the higher the score!

Crowd Control is one from a range of games that automatically links to one2free’s PLAYGROUND app, the app that turns the whole of Hong Kong into a PLAYGROUND by allowing you to discover fun and giveaways all around you. Created by one2free, Hong Kong’s favourite mobile communications brand, PLAYGROUND will turn your smartphone into a passport for fun at every corner and turn in Hong Kong!

What are you waiting for? Download PLAYGROUND today and turn up the fun!

PLAYGROUND download link: http://ow.ly/l5ion

Fishball Master download link: http://ow.ly/l5isn

Crowd Control download link: http://ow.ly/l5ixw

Mobile Madness download link: http://ow.ly/l5iC7

Typhoon Run download link: http://ow.ly/llUbH

one2free official website:  http://one2free.hkcsl.com

one2free facebook page: www.facebook.com/one2freefans

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