“Pray the Gay Away” Encourages Stigma and Defeats HIV Advocacy

June 28, 2013


Being gay is not a choice, and those who are gay face significant stigma and discrimination around the globe. Organizations that offer false promises of “praying the gay away” and “curing” people of homosexuality are making appearances in many of these communities. One HIV Advocate, Maurice Tomlinson, hopes to educate others on the negative effects of these types of approaches.

Tomlinson struggled with his sexuality for many years. During his struggle, he joined a group that claimed it could “cure” him of his sexual attraction to men. After several months, Tomlinson came to accept that being gay is not a disease meant to be cured, and that these meeting were holding people back.

Instead of teaching men who have sex with men (MSM) to live safe, healthy lifestyles, groups like the one Tomlinson joined teach adult men to deny and hide their feelings. This in turn encourages uneducated, unsafe behavior. MSM who want to hide their behavior from friends and family are less likely to use condoms so that they have less evidence to hide.

Stigma surrounding people living with HIV also keeps MSM that are trying to hide their sexual orientation from getting tested. Many of these men fear that if they are seen at a clinic, they will then face discrimination in their communities and their orientation will be discovered.

What can we do? It’s important to educate others on the facts about HIV and homosexuality. It’s not a choice, and it’s not something to be cured. Instead, our communities should focus on teaching safe sex, healthy lifestyles, and should encourage others to get tested regularly. Policies that help keep discrimination and stigma at bay can help significantly with this process.

Do you want to get more involved? Join HIV Advocates online for advocacy resources, news, and advice.

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Human Rights Violations Continue for People Living with HIV in Asia

June 27, 2013


Weak laws and giant gaps in protection against discrimination have left people living with HIV in Asia and the Pacific facing human rights violations. Because of fear of discrimination and stigma, many of those most vulnerable don’t access the legal protections available to them. A report released by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) explores these issues in depth.

Countries in Asia and the Pacific, including China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Fiji, Mongolia, and more, have added laws meant to protect people living with HIV. However, the effectiveness of these laws is questionable. The UNDP report highlights specific gaps in these laws and law enforcement practices. One example given is that none of the countries in South Asia have national HIV laws, despite the fact that HIV bills have been in existence in Pakistan, Nepal, and India. This creates an unnecessary grey areas for HIV testing rights, informed consent rights, and confidentiality rights.

The UNDP report also looks at gaps between laws that exist and what actually takes place. many countries have laws in place to protect people living with HIV, but obstacles in gaining access to justice prevent these people from seeking legal help. Many of the findings in the report show that people living with HIV in socially marginalized communities lack the money or access to state justice systems to challenge large institutions in legal proceedings.

It’s not all bad news in the report, though. Some countries in the region have taken to using alternative legal approaches to seek justice and enforce rights. Viet Nam has taken advantage of mediation and negotiation to resolve discrimination cases, allowing both parties to avoid the costly fees of going to court. People living with HIV in Thailand have received a great deal of support from NGOs in fighting for better access to treatment.

It’s important to know where legal protections for those living with HIV around the globe stand. The only way we can collectively advocate for better treatment of people living with HIV is to educate ourselves and others about current gaps in the system. For more HIV advocacy resources, news, and advice, visit HIV Advocates online.

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Easiest Way To See Designer Wedding Gowns In Hong Kong

June 25, 2013

Being the mecca of fashion and style in Asia, there are lots of options and choices available for a bride who wants to hold her big wedding day in Hong Kong. However, not all bridal boutiques offer the widest range of designer wedding gowns, classy wedding veils, elegant bridesmaid dresses and other wedding-related services and products unlike HITCHED! Bridal.

HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong is a luxury bridal boutique with an immaculate collection of chic, contemporary and edgy wedding gowns, evening dresses and bridesmaid dresses by talented international designers. From Augusta Jones to Temperley London to David Fielden, HITCHED! Bridal carries the works of the world’s biggest and renowned names in bridal couture.

HITCHED! Bridal also sits on 1,400 sq. ft. of space right in the heart of the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong so expect comfortable space for you and your gal pals as you choose your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses.

Before you get all so carried away, however, there’s still one important thing you need to do before you can see all these gorgeous designer wedding gowns and try them on for yourself – book an appointment!


Since HITCHED! Bridal aims to provide the best service, an appointment is necessary. Call +852 2815 8330 or email info@hitchedbridal.com to enquire.


HITCHED! Bridal Hong Kong is located in the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong. Open Mondays to Friday – 11 am to 7 pm; Saturday – 11 am to 6 pm.


HITCHED! Bridal Official Website: http://www.hitchedbridal.com/

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Online Booking Specials for Deluxe Rooms at Times Plaza Hotel, Shenyang

June 25, 2013

It is summer again, the season for bright sunny days, outdoor adventures, and travelling. Shenyang is definitely a good choice for a summer escape. Nowadays, most fast paced youngsters search all travel information and make the bookings virtually. That is why Times Plaza Shenyang has specials on online booking of their Deluxe Rooms this June.

 If you are travelling to Shenyang, make an online booking for Times Plaza Shenyang’s Deluxe Rooms. The prices are as low as RMB 299 but that’s not all that comes with it. You get a complimentary Buffet Breakfast for the next day as well! Times Plaza Shenyang has to be your stop over for this great offer.

Times Plaza Shenyang website gives you detailed information on rooms and services along with contact information for your convenience. Find out in details about everything from the rooms to dining options and function rooms. You can get latest news on the special offers on the website as well.

This online booking special is valid until the end of June 2013. Visit Times Plaza Shenyang website and make your booking today!

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12th Anniversary Dinner for Rosedale on the Park, Hong Kong

June 25, 2013

Life is all about celebrating milestones, graduation, birthdays, welcoming a new member into the family, sealing a big business deal or even an anniversary. Rosedale on the Park, Hong Kong (Rosedale Hong Kong) has been a part of all your celebrations, now it’s your turn to celebrate with them! For Rosedale Hong Kong’s 12th Anniversary, they are going all out with huge celebrations this June.

Rosedale Hong Kong SkyZone Restaurant & Lounge presents the “12th Anniversary Dinner Set” at the lowest ever price of HK$ 288 to commemorate their 12th successful year. They are serving up delicacies like Italian Parma Ham Melon Salads for the health conscious, Netherlands White Asparagus Soup with Black Truffle for guests who enjoy the exotic flavors of truffle. For those looking for a hearty meal, Grilled US Pork Tenderloins with Crispy Cabbage and Pomelo sauce. Seared Australian Barramundi Fillet and Tuna Spring Roll with wasabi vinaigrette is being served to those with a taste for the sea. For dessert lovers they have Pana Cotta with Tropical Fruit and Raspberry sauce and freshly brewed coffee or tea to wash down this magnificent meal. Also get a serving of complimentary soft drink, juice, local beer red/white wine. And all of this just for HK$288 per person only.

This feast fit for a king is available all through June especially for Rosedale veterans. Call in to avail this discount now! All you have to do is to call in at (852) 2127 8828 and make a booking today!

Click here for further details of “12th Anniversary Dinner Set”

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Summer Wedding Tips

June 24, 2013


Planning a summer wedding? You can beat the summer heat and have a really memorable wedding by following a few simple steps.

First off, an all-white summer wedding is always a fabulous choice. White is crisp and pleasant to the eyes so even under the searing hot summer sun, you, your groom and all your guests will all still look your beautiful selves.

Secondly, wear a short (but not skimpy) wedding dress. It will show your fun side! Plus, of course, a short wedding gown is perfect to wear especially on a sunny summer day. Wear something like this David Fielden creation. Don’t you just love the princess skirt?

Thirdly, use in-season fruits as well as vegetables and make them a part of your entire wedding decor. Just imagine the colorful mix of yellows, greens and oranges. These colors translate well to summer and even pretty sunsets. This beautiful mix of colors can definitely help make a statement during your wedding.

Fourthly, should you want a laid back, no-frills summer wedding, you might want to do away with the long veils. Instead, opt for simple yet classy wedding veils or wedding headbands. The Alice Headband by Sara Gabriel, complete with its Swarovski crystals and tulle material, is perfect.

These simple, doable tips will truly help make any summer wedding an affair to remember.

For more summer wedding tips and professional wedding preparation service, visit HITCHED! Bridal, a one-stop bridal shop in Hong Kong.

HITCHED! Bridal is located at Room 1501-2, 68-74 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Call +852 2815 8330 for appointments.

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Social Media Monitoring: Listening to People

June 20, 2013

In this day and age, every customer counts. Social media allows brands to focus on each individual client without hiring much expertise and finances. A survey suggests 90% clients choose brands which are easy to communicate with. Small businesses especially have been able to bridge the communication gap between brand and customer engagement. Hence brands need to formulate a strategy, based on increased customer engagement and valuing every opinion.

The principles of this strategy are to be based on the fact that social media engagement is a full-time job, allowing brands to remain updated with changing trends at home and abroad. This principle can be further marginalized by steps such as identifying target markets and knowing brand niche; Influencer, Competitor or Business Intelligence.

Once the principles have been established, then a plan of action can be formulated. Twitter, the most common social network used by brands and customers alike, can be used to tabulate customer lists and other competitive brands in the market. Frequent customers can be tagged in promotional offers and product launch events. Brands can also “befriend” customers who frequently check-in at the location. The tactic behind all these steps is to involve the maximum number of customers, listen to what they have to say on market trends and competitor products and negate any negative sentiment.



JamiQ inculcates all social media engagement solutions for businesses. JamiQ’s expert team monitors and analyzes data, in any language of the world, while also providing access to influencers and application developers. With its core technology, JamiQ provides brands with packages and solutions dealing with all aspects of social media engagement, necessary for brand promotions.

Contact JamiQ and get further details on social media solutions for your brand.

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Forget About Mr. Right, Your Hair Wants Mister Fantastic!

June 8, 2013

In love, it’s well known that there are plenty of fish in the sea, which makes it that much harder to find Mr. Right! Haircare is a lot like love. There are thousands of hair products available, and knowing which ones to choose can be a daunting task! That’s where Evo Hair Products come in! Evo did all the dirty work for you and found your hair’s Mr. Right; but he’s better than right, he is fantastic! He’s Mister Fantastic.


Mister Fantastic Texture Spray is your go to product for almost any hairstyle. Mister Fantastic is a multi-purpose spray used to add texture and fullness. It also has the added bonus of setting your style, from curls to waves. Style with soft movement and volumized, wavy looks. Mister Fantastic doesn’t just make your hair look good though. Like any Prince Charming, he protects you too by acting as a heat protectant for your hair and defying humidity. Use Mister Fantastic Texture Spray for waving and blow-drying too! That’s right, texture and fullness is added to the hair while being protected from heat damage. Finally, the whole package! Of course if you really want the whole package, go with Mister Fantastic Your Tool For Creation. You’ll get even more use out of Mister Fantastic Texture Spray when you use it in conjunction with Mister Fantastic Hair Bungees to create styles you haven’t even dreamed of!

Mister Fantastic Your Tool For Creation includes a full size Mister Fantastic Texture Spray and 6 Mister Fantastic Hair Bungees that can be used for dressing and holding long, thick hair.  They can be used for ponytails, buns, disheveled looks, and messy updos. The included hair bungees are hair ties that can be removed without ripping or pulling the hair. The bungees come in black, brown, and blonde so they blend in with your natural hair color. The best part about Mister Fantastic Your Tool For Creation, is that it’s easy to use! Your hairstyles are endless and effortless with Mister Fantastic Your Tool For Creation! If only Mr. Right were this good!

To get your hands onMister Fantastic and other Evo Hair Care Products visit Paul Gerrard salon in Hong Kong today.

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Keep Your Employees Motivated With Tips From Business Registration Hong Kong

June 8, 2013

 Motivation is what drives us to work harder, more efficiently, and with more passion. Every person is motivated differently in and out of the workplace. The core motivation for most employees is that they gain something out of their work experience. How do you know what pushes your team forward? Follow this advice from Business Registration Hong Kong to tailor your motivational techniques to all individuals.

Motivation is all about meeting your employees’ needs. A good start is to recognize your employees for their hard work. Give a bonus or some sort of non-monetary reward when an employee exceed expectations. Always leave room for advancement within the company for those who are dedicated and work hard. Similarly, don’t reward bad work. Hard working employees who see poor performers receive the same pay, benefits, and recognition are actually demotivated. Make sure you are recognizing the right people.

Another great motivator is to show employees that you trust them. Keep them in the loop with routine communication about what’s going on in the company and other departments. Give high performers more responsibility and ownership over their work. Allow great employees to have opportunities to lead within their departments. All these things will keep your workers interested and feeling appreciated.

Regardless of what individual motivators people need, the bottom line is that most people are motivated by money. Money is needed to pay bills, to feed ourselves and our families, and to keep a roof over our heads. However, it’s not all about salary. A livable salary is a good start, but things like compensation, bonuses, and a variety of benefits will keep your employees happy because their needs are met. Do you have a lot of employees with families? A child care stipend may be a good motivator. Do you have a lot of young professionals? A retirement plan will help get them off to a good start.

Keep your employees happy and working hard with the right motivational strategies. Remember that everyone is different and some motivational technique may not work. In this case, talk to your top performers and see what their needs are and how you can help meet them. For more information on how to improve your business, how to get started, and more, visit Business Registration Hong Kong.

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Power of Social Trust: Taking Advice

June 7, 2013

Humans can only do so much without friends. They define your personality, reflect your life choices and moral values. With social media redefining friendships, users have expanded their dimensions of placing trust. Not only a friend, but also a blogger, a celebrity or any stranger can be trusted. If their review proves credible, they automatically gain our trust.

Research shows 33% of people admitted to asking for opinions from friends frequently. A surprising 68% were found to inquire more about the services offered by a brand rather than its products. Many people actually did not pay heed to expert opinion, and 85% of the participants preferred to trust a close friend over a professional.

The popular categories people look for friends’ opinion include electric and household appliances (34%), health and beauty (31%), while medical care and footwear had a less than 10% priority among participants. 41% admitted that their chances of buying a product online increased if it was reviews by a close friend or family member. A mere 16% preferred to seek advice on Facebook, while 38% opted for face to face interaction.

These statistics show that consumers are almost always on the lookout for advice, be it shopping or health matters. JamiQ provides social media solutions aimed at gaining the confidence of mass consumers; advising brands on how to treat their clients as family. By sharing reviews, asking for opinions on services, promotional offers and collecting the relevant data, JamiQ ensures unwavering loyalty not only of its clients but also their customers. Data analysis and necessary measures aimed at increasing social engagement of brands is an integral part of JamiQ solutions. Contact JamiQ and find out more on how you can work for a better world with the power of social media.

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