Social Media Monitoring: Listening to People

June 20, 2013

In this day and age, every customer counts. Social media allows brands to focus on each individual client without hiring much expertise and finances. A survey suggests 90% clients choose brands which are easy to communicate with. Small businesses especially have been able to bridge the communication gap between brand and customer engagement. Hence brands need to formulate a strategy, based on increased customer engagement and valuing every opinion.

The principles of this strategy are to be based on the fact that social media engagement is a full-time job, allowing brands to remain updated with changing trends at home and abroad. This principle can be further marginalized by steps such as identifying target markets and knowing brand niche; Influencer, Competitor or Business Intelligence.

Once the principles have been established, then a plan of action can be formulated. Twitter, the most common social network used by brands and customers alike, can be used to tabulate customer lists and other competitive brands in the market. Frequent customers can be tagged in promotional offers and product launch events. Brands can also “befriend” customers who frequently check-in at the location. The tactic behind all these steps is to involve the maximum number of customers, listen to what they have to say on market trends and competitor products and negate any negative sentiment.



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