Visual Goes Social: Sharing Photos For A Cause

A picture speaks a thousand words. This statement can be reinstated by the overnight popularity of Instagram with social networking. Users can edit and share photos of events, happenings and even for a cause. This additional medium has given small businesses a chance to succeed using eye-catchy photo adverts and unique product photos.

The increase in the trend of taking photos can be noted from the fact that 140 billion photos are stored on Facebook! Statistics also report 72% of users take photos from a mobile device, with 5 million photos being uploaded per day on Instagram.

Pictures going social has also increased engagement on social media networks. With Pinterest being the third most popular network in the US, Facebook has seen an incline of 65% after adding Timeline, as it allows users to interact with photos more effectively. Sharing Instagram photos on Twitter is 20 times higher than a year ago, while Tweets with images rate twice more on engagement levels.

Why, one wonders, the sudden focus on visual content? It may stem from the fact that 94% of articles with visual content get more views than articles without it. Including photos and videos in press releases also increases viewership by a sharp 45%. These facts clearly demonstrate the increasing need for brands to inculcate visual content for marketing products on social media.

JamiQ social media solutions provides brands with strategies to increase social media engagement. JamiQ’s team of experts provides small businesses the assistance necessary for visual content of products to make an impact on audiences.

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One Response to Visual Goes Social: Sharing Photos For A Cause

  1. Audiences and the younger generation have a really visual radar. To some extent we are all mostly visual.

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