Introducing the Rosedale Rewards and its Unique Benefits around the world!

One of the greatest virtues of a person is considered to be his loyalty, to his loved ones, his business and in all his social interactions. Usually, loyalty is praised but most of the time goes unrewarded. But now, you can reap the material benefits of being loyal to Rosedale in over 250 countries around the world!

The Rosedale Rewards, a hotel loyalty program offers for the frequent guests who choose Rosedale over all others, every time. It is unique because they collaborate with VOILÀ Hotel  Rewards, which is the world’s number one loyalty program for independent hotels – including four and five-star hotels and resorts- to provide loyal customers with exciting discounts and benefits at Rosedale as well as other Hotels.

The usual process of being part of the Rosedale Rewards is when you make a booking at any Rosedale Property or any participating VOILÀ Rewards hotels. You will typically earn 10 Rosedale Reward Points for every eligible US$1 you spend.

But Rosedale has a special surprise for you up their sleeves. If you sign up now, you get a 1000 Rosedale Reward Points right away into your account! With as little as 5,000 points, you can redeem a complimentary stay at any Rosedale property or participating VOILÀ Rewards Hotel throughout the world. Now that has to be a great reward for being loyal!

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