Bring it on! “Fishball Master” Expert is you!

We are the champion, my friend! Everybody likes to be victorious in games. It’s a glory to be seen on top of leaderboards. Especially if you are named “Master” of something! People around the globe recognize you as someone who owns great power!

In “Fishball Master”, a game in one2free’s PLAYGROUND app, you are a master who tries to feed the unique and fun characters with exact number of fishballs to fill them up during rush hour. Each character in the throng is eerily coherent with the working public in Hong Kong which makes it very real!

To make it even more challenging, we have made the game play even harder! After 1001 fishballs gets served, you can unlock the Expert mode in “Fishball Master”. Then you can compete with all the experts in game! You are never the same anymore! Because YOU are the champion of the world! Download PLAYGROUND now!

PLAYGROUND download:

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“Fishball Master” download:

one2free official website:

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