Just Share the Fun of PLAYGROUND & Get Great Offers!

From grade 1 students to grandparents, almost everybody has a smartphone these days. lphone and Samsung Galaxy has taken Hong Kong by storm. Other than basic apps like free messengers, the most popular apps are the games!

In recent games, they have play limits. To continue, you may either pay or share the game infos to friends so the developer may get promotion. But all the players get is just to continue game play. But something different happened to me!

I received an invitation from my friend, telling me that there are great offers in one2free’s PLAYGROUND app. What’s so different is that, besides the 4 fun game play, I could get great offers like McDonald’s coupons!

All I needed to do was to invite my friends via Facebook to install PLAYGROUND. When my friend login PLAYGROUND with facebook, it would automatically notify me and I could get a McDonald’s coupon! I invited all of my family and friends and got loads of McDonald’s coupons now! I never thought it could happen! Join me and share PLAYGROUND and get the coupons!

PLAYGROUND download:http://ow.ly/l5iT3

“Typhoon Run” download: http://ow.ly/llU5C

“Crowd Control” download: http://ow.ly/l5iXR

“Mobile Madness” download: http://ow.ly/l5iZ9

“Fishball Master” download:http://ow.ly/l5iWq

one2free official website:  http://one2free.hkcsl.com

one2free facebook page: www.facebook.com/one2freefans

one2free sina weibo: http://e.weibo.com/One2FreeHongKong


One Response to Just Share the Fun of PLAYGROUND & Get Great Offers!

  1. McDonalds appeal is impressive. All children know just what a Happy Meal is because of the McDonald’s brand name.

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