Hire Smarter with Help from Business Registration Hong Kong

July 24, 2013

Hiring new employees can be a hassle. Sorting through resumes, hosting interviews, and offering training uses up a lot of company time and money. This might make some companies want to rush through the hiring process, but making the wrong hire can cost a business nearly double that employee’s salary. Save on money and time by following Business Registration Hong Kong’s tips to hire smarter.

Instead of focusing on your company’s current needs, map out a future. Don’t focus on one position- envision how that position will change over time. When writing a job description, include the opportunities that could emerge for potential hires.

Employee referral programs are a great way to cut down on time and money spent on hiring. Network with current employees to find candidates that are a good fit for the company’s needs and culture. Offer incentives for employees to recommend candidates on a regular basis.

You can also save time and money by automating the application process with one of many web-based applications available. For a small fee, these applications cut down the applicant pool based on keywords, skills, and expertise.

Finally, focus on competencies instead of fit when it comes to interview time. Make sure that your potential hire has all the skills and experience needed to fulfill the role. Charming people can only go so far.

Shorten your hiring cycle and save your company time and money. Get your employees involved for an added morale boost and to ensure that prospects will fit in. For more information on how to improve your business, how to get started, and more, visit Business Registration Hong Kong.

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