YouTube Is Your Green Light To More Traffic

July 26, 2013

Having a great website for your company is a breeze when you utilize the technology of JamiQ. JamiQ uses Influence Indicators to determine how influential and impacting your website is. Once you have your website set up, you need traffic. YouTube is a great tool for making your product or service known, but it’s easy to lose potential customers to the next suggested video. The following method will help you leverage YouTube’s high ranks to boost your position on Google searches for your own site. This will allow for nature traffic to flow to your videos.

Start by making several YouTube accounts that are SEO friendly. Make use of keywords that are positive for your brand. JamiQ can help you with Sentiment Detection. Is this video description positive toward your brand? JamiQ‘s specially developed natural language processing technology allows you to discover critical issues and perception trends. Once you have this down, be sure to make 3-4 videos that are to the point. Don’t forget to alter them slightly since you will be posting the same video on multiple accounts. It is important to adjust your videos so YouTube’s autodetection doesn’t flag your account. A simple change of music  or background color will suffice.

Finally, upload your video to your accounts. Be sure to fill out the title and keywords. Like any blog post, use keywords that convert for your company. Don’t forget to include a link to your website. Add the link to the beginning of your description to ensure your viewers see it. Above all, focus on factors that YouTube cares about. Find forums and social circles that your message impacts. JamiQ can help with Media Segmentation. Are people talking about you on blogs, forums, social networks or Twitter? Find out where the buzz takes place with JamiQ’s advanced media segmentation. With the help of JamiQ and YouTube, you’ll have plenty of traffic to your website in no time!

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