Surgical Social Media: the new challenge

August 31, 2013

Social media is the “audience of one”. As corporate understanding of this basic premise sinks in, pressure to correct the mistakes of the past and deliver future performance has never been greater.  Surgical Social Media targeting the individual using global strategies.

Wait I think we are going the wrong way: direction

Social media now owns a significant portion of most corporate budgets. It was sold as the panacea for everything such as customer service, organic marketing, internal employee networks, legions of loyal brand ambassadors, etc. This inflated, but not unrealistic, expectation is putting great pressure on social media to deliver its long help promise of data, data data and ROI. The difficulty in achieving this largely stems from how corporations where initially introduced to social media. Companies turned to the resources they knew, their PR and advertising agencies. Therefore, it is not a surprise that social media planning looked at lot like existing media strategies. Media buy and high fan numbers at all cost were the preferred tactics. The unfortunate outcome was that these tactics run counter to successfully sustained social media and did not translate into the measurable results promised and set the stage for disappointment. Social media has always been about the individual Fan and the greater the quality of the relationship with the Fan the stronger the ROI. Media buys and mass appeal dilute this relationship and later make it difficult to create “sustainable” ROI based on quality engagement and organic growth.

The magic of Big Data: misdirection

To further fuel the disappointment in ROI and organic Fan supported growth is a rebirth of big data. Corporations have started using the term “Big Data” as the savior to everything. Big data is almost the exact opposite of what social media is and can deliver. Social media can collect the data points for Big Data to interpret, but the capability of Big Data is to determine trends and patterns for large groups. Big Data works on a grand scale and not at the level of the individual.

Lessons to learn from ad networks: precision

Ad networks have become incredibly precise in their ability to target placement. Using data collected from cookies and other accessible information, a profile of the individual user is created. That profile is used to match advertising to have the greatest likelihood of influencing behaviour.  Over the years the ability to target ads has become very precise.

Surgical Social Media: experimental

Surgical social media is an expectation being put on agencies by their clients to build relationships at the level of the individual Fan and positively “effect behaviour” of those Fans using a strategy that generalizes across the larger demographic of the brand. The purpose of this is to leverage the best benefits of social media and still achieve results within the boundaries of business need and budget. Social media management agencies such as PRDA.Asia are using an increasingly sophisticated compliment of tools and knowledge to achieve these results; proprietary monitoring, day parting, application parting, KOL engagement, key word optimization, active responding, engagement, demographic segmentation, etc all play a part in creating a strategy that values the audience of one and delivers good business results.

Ad networks are quick and efficient method to accurately target fans but they have low engagement rate (CTR) and no lasting effect. Social media is more complex and labour intensive but the effects deliver strong and more lasting behaviour change.






Has the HIV campaign been a victim of its own success?

August 27, 2013

Sixty year old musician and songwriter, Steve Schalchlin, diagnosed with HIV in the early 1990s warns of complacency over HIV amongst the younger generation. This complacency has set in, and is perhaps also a result of the global retreat in funding of HIV programmes as less money is allocated towards prevention education.

Steve Schalchlin describes the early years of the HIV epidemic as a ‘holocaust’ that decimated affected communities in San Francisco and New York. Lack of knowledge surrounding HIV led to isolation and intense discrimination of People Living with HIV/AIDS. (PLWHA) People were scared of being in the same room.

Forty years after, the landscape has changed. We owe much to the early HIV/AIDS activists who demanded and saw that funding was apportioned to research, leading to treatment and support for people living with HIV/AIDS, positive strategies to prevent the spread of HIV and reduced social stigma.

But ironically, it is this success which may undermine efforts to reach UNAIDS 2015 targets. As HIV/AIDS has changed from a deadly to chronic disease due to the availability of Antiretrovirals, there are concerns that many are lax about practicing preventative measures.

As HIV advocates, we must all remain vigilant in keeping the realities of HIV in the spotlight.

  • In 2011, the number of PLWHA worldwide increased by 2.5 million, with a total number of 34 million

  • HIV prevalence is increasing amongst affected communities

  • Globally, only 54% of people who need treatment receive it

  • Many people remain unaware of their HIV status. It is estimated that 50% of people are unaware they are living with HIV.

  • The funding shortfall for HIV was estimated at 7.7 billion in 2009 and is growing

  • PLWHA in their 50s and 60s are only now discovering ways that virus accelerates the ageing process

Share this knowledge and increase awareness on HIV in your community.

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Scientists urge us to ‘Go with your gut’ in HIV treatment.

August 27, 2013

A breakthrough study published by medical researchers from the University of California may throw new light on reversing the progression to AIDS in People Living with HIV. Body wide inflammation, which is thought to be one of the factors leading to progression to AIDS in PLHIV could be prevented by changing the composition of bacteria in the gut. Could this be a first step towards developing a new form of treatment for PLHIV? Scientists involved in the study believe that these findings could mean that PLHIV can live longer lives without daily antiretroviral treatment.



Professor McCune says ‘Our dream is to be able to make the virus go away allowing HIV-infected people to lead longer lives without the need for lifelong therapy. Perhaps restoring the microbiome to normal will be one strategy to make that happen.”

We all have different types of bacteria residing in our gut. Within our bodies, our intestinal wall acts as an immune barrier preventing harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream. However upon HIV infection this barrier is weakened, with harmful substances entering the blood, which then travel throughout the body and cause body wide inflammation.

The study ‘Dysbiosis of the Gut Microbiota is associated with HIV disease progression and Tryptophan Catabolism’ studied the differences between gut bacteria of PLHIV and those who were not living with HIV. Overall the gut bacteria of PLHIV was found to contain many bacteria which can cause disease on their own.

What are the implications of these findings? If the composition of the gut microbiome is linked to disease progression of HIV, then theoretically doctors could slow the development of AIDS by changing the composition of bacteria in the gut. This is a tantalizing thought, and perhaps is a preliminary step towards finding alternative treatment for PLHIV.

For more of the latest resources, news, and advice on HIV, visit HIV Advocates online.

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One2free Facebook page, integrated platform of entertainments

August 21, 2013

There is now a new function for facebook users where they can recommend facebook pages to friends. As expected we are seeing variety of recommendations. One of the recommended pages, the one2free Facebook page, was an interesting one.

Compared to other telecommunication network service provider, one2free has made its Facebook page a fun place to visit. Besides the offers and promotions posts of one2free products and services, it feeds the fans with fun posts everyday! For instance, there are posts about photography, high-tech inventions and all other pictures and message that makes you laugh out loud. Meanwhile one2free’s PLAYGROUND app and Funogapher app also give users a great experience.

one2free has turned the Facebook page into an integrated platform of entertainments. Besides all the fun you can have with the fun posts and offers, there is Game On on facebook wall! With all these fun contents, do not hesitate to Like one2free Facebook page and have the fun now!

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PLAYGROUND Creativity with Sincerity

August 21, 2013

Recently there has been some controversies regarding the violation of copyright in game apps design. Creativity has become a factor to be concerned in choosing the apps to play with. Though it is common that developers make their apps similar to other successful ones, PLAYGROUND is not one of them.

PLAYGROUND combines Fun, Games and Rewards into a single platform. Everybody loves rewards and special offers. PLAYGROUND not only provide special offers from one2free, it also collaborates with other brands to provide coupons. The best thing about it is that, it does not limit to one2free users!

Besides the offers, PLAYGROUND also includes mini games with localized designs. It simply makes life in Hong Kong Fun!  What’s more? one2free recently launched Funographer! Users can showcase their creative ideas to the community now!

Let’s live a life with Fun! Join PLAYGROUND now!

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Share the Fun! Try Funographer!

August 21, 2013

After the mobile app PLAYGROUND, one2free has launched another creative app Funographer! It is all about fun and photos!

The coolest thing about Funographer is the stickers! Like PLAYGROUND, Funographer also binds with many fun characters in Hong Kong! You can add stickers of the fun PLAYGROUND characters and accessories, and even add fun dialogue bubbles! Nothing but trendy would describe Funographer! Funographer is the trend setter!

After adding stickers to your photos, you do not keep them to yourself, right? Of course you ought to share with your best friends! In Funographer, you can share the edited pictures to 4 main social networks, including Facebook, Sina Weibo, Instagram and WeChat. Your friend won’t miss any of your funny ideas!

Come and download Funographer to share the fun now!

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Face-Off Photo Competition For some Fun in the Sun!

August 20, 2013

Summer is finally here! We know you’re having a lot of fun under the hot summer sun. But it could be the best summer you’ve had yet with One2free! Turn your favourite summer moments into something even more fun and exciting by taking part in the Face-Off Photo Contest!

It’s simple! All you have to do is use Funographer to capture your best summer moments and decorate them with Funographer stickers. You can then share it to Instagram using the #one2freesummer and enter the competition between 19 Aug 2013 and 1 Sep 2013. During the competition period, approved submissions will be displayed in one2free’s Facebook Gallery for you to find and vote for. Remember to switch off ‘Photos are Private’ in your Instagram settings to participate in the competition. And that is all!

The top 10 most creative photos, selected by a panel of judges, win a set of 2 tickets from the Opus Jay 2013 World Tour Concert valued at 1,960 HKD. The 100 most voted for entries on Facebook win Playground’s Limited Edition Figurine Collection!

Winners will be announced on one2free’s official Facebook page on 4 Sep 2013, so remember to follow us to get the latest updates! There is no reason for you to wait! Start sharing your fun times and get voting on others!

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Craving For Chocolate? Make Them Fruity Chocolate-y Goodness

August 15, 2013

Are you craving chocolate? Don’t fret. Chocolate is actually good for your health. Chocolate treats are packed with healthy chemicals such as the bromine and flavonoids, which are known as efficient fighters against diseases. Yes, chocolate is good for you! Even health experts say that you must have your regular dose of these sweet, yummy treats. But how can you make it doubly good? Why not choose a fruity, chocolate-y goodness?

Enter into Edible Arrangements Hong Kong’s world of fruit bouquets that offer a wide variety of chocolate-dipped goodies! Not only do you get a healthy dose of chocolates but you also get the many benefits of fresh, juicy fruits.

Take the Chocolate Banana Daisy Bouquet, for instance. Go ahead and enjoy a guilt free semi-sweet gourmet dark and white chocolate dipped bananas, strawberries, pineapple daisies, cantaloupe and grapes treat. Perfectly sized for one!

Another mouthwatering chocolate treat is the Berry Chocolate Bouquet with Hearts in Red Container. Just look at it! It makes you fall in love with it! This fruit bouquet comes with a generous helping of chocolate-dipped strawberries. Absolutely divine!

So satisfy your chocolate cravings by visiting Edible Arrangements Hong Kong today. All first time customers get 15% off on their order! Use this code: NCHK1117 when you checkout! Don’t forget!

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Help Baby Talk With Advice From SPRING Hong Kong

August 12, 2013

Parents are often eager to get their babies talking at an early age. While the wait may seem long until baby says his or her first word, babies begin language development from the moment of birth through observation. Learn how to help your baby’s language development progress at the right pace with the following tips from SPRING Learning Centre Hong Kong.

Zero to six months

Babies this young learn from observation. They listen to parents’ voices and try to imitate sounds with cooing and gurgling. Encourage this behavior by talking to your baby, continuing conversations when baby is near, and giving baby distraction-free sound making time. Singing to your baby will also help this process by showing how nice and pretty sounds can be. Hold baby close, maintain eye contact, and smile to show warmth and affection. When baby babbles, imitate the sounds to offer encouragement. If baby tries to say a word you do, say the word again. Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t happen today.

Six to twelve months

Baby will start playing with sounds. Some sounds may even sound like “dada”, “baba” or “mama”. Simple words will be understood. Baby will stop and look if you say “no”. Baby will also start communicating through body language like pointing and will continue to make sounds. Help your baby begin to understand more words by playing games like Peek-a-Boo or Pat-a-Cake, describing favorite toys (like a fuzzy bear), and identifying people and pets with pointing while reciting names.

Twelve to fifteen months

Babies will start to switch from sounds to words, like “baba” for bottle. Other words are understood, but not said. Test your baby’s learning by asking for certain toys, cups, and other household items. Encourage vocabulary development by continuing to identify common objects and give baby time to listen and repeat.

18 months to two years

Baby will start following directions and put words together like “want juice.” Maintain progress by asking your child to help you by placing specific objects in specific places. Teach simple songs and nursery rhymes and encourage pretend play for fun language development.

Two to three years

Language will develop the quickest here. Sentences will start to be formed, questions can now be answered, vocabulary grows at a huge pace. Keep encouraging your child by teaching first and last names, describing objects around you, asking open-ended questions, continuing pretend play, and practicing active reading.

Get your baby talking by encouraging sound making and imitation at an early age. For more advice, tips, and more, visit SPRING online. Parents and carers are invited to come check out SPRING and say hello to the team. Discovery Classes are available to see what SPRING has to offer first-hand. Course descriptions are available for each programme.

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Bond with Baby- Tips from SPRING Learning Centre Hong Kong

August 12, 2013

All moms, both new and experienced, wait in anticipation for nine months for their new little bundle of joy to make a grand appearance. Now that this beautiful baby is in your life, where do you start? Experts across the board say bonding is step #1 and should be your primary focus when it comes to your baby.

Why bond with baby?

A strong emotional connection between parents and their children is what causes mom and dad to pay close attention to what baby needs through vocal and visual cues. A strong bond is what keeps parents playing with baby, and keeps parents more invested in their baby’s future.

Research has also shown that a strong bond between parents and baby are the first model for intimate relationships, socialisation, and help develop security and positive self-esteem.

First steps of bonding

Bonding doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long process that develops over time between parents and baby as baby’s needs are met. Parents can start the bonding process immediately after birth with skin-to-skin contact like cradling and gentle strokes. This can give parents a head-start on what is known as the “attachment process”. Parents can develop secure attachment with baby by paying attention to cues and needs, and responding in a loving, nurturing way.

How to bond

Most bonding comes very naturally from everyday activities. Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding allow parents and baby to bond with close, personal contact and by showing a response to baby’s need- hunger.

Skin contact is a great way to keep bonding with your baby. There are a variety of ways to go about this whether through cuddle time, infant massage, or bath time. The more touch-based bonding you have, the more likely baby will be able to tell your cues just from touch alone!

Play and communication are other great ways to bond with baby. Playing with your baby provides a sense of closeness that touch does, but also stimulates learning and creates happiness. Talking to your baby and reading stories shows baby that they are worth your time, as well as begins language development.

Don’t wait. Bonding with your baby will set you up for a healthy relationship and will get your little-one ready for a future of developmental success. For more advice, tips, and more, visit SPRING online. Parents and carers are invited to come check out SPRING and say hello to the team. Discovery Classes are available to see what SPRING has to offer first-hand. Course descriptions are available for each programme.

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