Blondes Have More Fun!

August 1, 2013


We don’t know if blondes really have more fun, but they sure look good! Blonde hair is a popular colour choice for many women because it has an aura of youth and happiness. Maybe you’re not naturally blonde, but with today’s hair-dying techniques, you can be as blonde as you want. Of course, keeping up with being blonde can be high maintenance, but with Fabuloso Platinum Blonde from Evo Hair Products, being blonde is as breezy as it looks. Whether you go blonde or very light blonde Fabuloso Platinum Blonde keeps it fabulous.


Fabuloso Platinum Blonde is an instant colour and nourishing treatment in one. You’ll see results in as little as 3 minutes! Fabuloso Platinum Blonde intensifies hair colour as it maintains and extends the colour life of colour treated hair so that your sunny blonde hair will outlast any season. Fabuloso Platinum Blonde helps bottled blonde hair look natural because it works to remove yellow tones so that your dull, dry, colour treated blonde hair has a clean blonde tone that looks healthy and vibrant. Fabuloso Platinum Blonde contains no ammonia and no peroxide so it’s gentle on the hair and scalp. Fabuloso Platinum Blonde also works to condition your hair with nourishing treatment that repairs damage and leaves hair soft and manageable. Fabuloso Platinum Blonde also detangles hair without weighing it down and it reduces frizz for brilliant shine!

Fabuloso Platinum Blonde is easy to use so maintaining your brilliant blonde hair makes it feel as though your hair is just naturally blonde! Just wash and towel dry hair as normal. Then, when you’re ready to use Fabuloso Platinum Blonde, be sure to wear gloves, and  spread 4-8 pumps, depending on hair length, with comb or fingers. Next, wait 3 minutes, then rinse until water runs clear. That’s it! You’re left with shiny, toned, intensely blonde hair that’s soft to the touch. With hair this beautiful and touchable, you’ll wonder how you ever managed blonde without Fabuloso Platinum Blonde!

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