Summer Fruits: The Benefits of Eating Grapes

August 2, 2013

Grapes are small, scrumptious and juicy balls of goodness often eaten as snacks or as part of fruit salads. Many usually take these unassuming fruits for granted. In truth, eating grapes brings about a number of benefits for one’s health.

For one, grapes contribute to body’s regulation of blood sugar levels. This is because grapes contain a low glycemic index. Grapes also help regulate insulin levels and increase insulin sensitivity. Grapes have been shown to contain melatonin and this is good news especially for those concerned about their skin. These elements are great for the body as they help combat bad bacteria and promote well-being.

As you see, there are a lot of benefits in eating grapes and you can reap them by regularly including them in your diet. And the good thing? It has never been easier to have your regular dose of grapes as they almost always included with an Edible Arrangements bouquet!

This Lovely Berry Chocolate Bouquet contains lots of grapes. The entire fruit bouquet also comes in an aesthetically pleasing and reusable container, which makes it easier for you to bring around for picnics or quick weekend getaways.

If you prefer something smaller or good for one though, Edible Arrangements offers Lovely Berry Chocolate Daisy as well.

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