Plan Your Recruiting With Tips from Business Registration Hong Kong

How do you start the hiring process? Many business managers jump straight to resume screening and interview performance as a basis for employee selection. While these can be a good start, it’s easy to be fooled by a professional resume and solid interview. Ensure a superior hire by planning your recruiting process by following advice from Business Registration Hong Kong.

Begin your recruitment hiring by determining what positions need to be filled. Perform a job analysis and write down all job specifications to better define the job description. Next, contact those who you think should attend the planning meeting. Start off with a Human Resources recruiter and hiring manager. You can also include successful employees in this position or direct supervisors to the position.

During the meeting, use the job specifications to rank the most important qualities, education, and experience for potential hires to have. This ranking will help your recruiter write accurate job ads and screen applications better. Remember, it’s okay to edit as the meeting progresses. Determine where the job will be posted to gain the best candidate pool, and remember to include internal recommendations.

Next, plan out the interview process. Write up the screening question for the HR recruiter to use for phone screens. Decide who will interview candidates and what characteristics they will be evaluating. Candidates should be evaluated on cultural fit and the skills needed to fulfill the role. Assign behaviorally-based interview questions to those who will be doing the interviewing. You can include real-life scenarios, role plays, and specific problem solving questions. If the job description calls for it, you can also include a test to give candidates, such as a writing test for positions that communicate with customers via e-mail. Determine how the questions, role plays, and tests will be graded and plan out the follow-up process.

Finally, get recruiting! Utilizing your team’s organizational skills will help you find the best candidates from the start, saving your company time and money. For more information on how to improve your business, how to get started, and more, visit Business Registration Hong Kong.

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