Say Hello to the Newest Addition to the Playground Family!

There is very exciting news for all PLAYGROUND fanatics. A brand new member has been added to this endearing family but be attentive! He’s a fast one and you can miss him in a blink of an eye!

Say aloha to Jet Set! Mark his face because you may hardly get to see him on the run! His lightning fast speed is the only thing to worry about. So how do you slow him down? The only possible way is if you can literally take his foot off the ground. But you know what that mean, You’ll have to catch him first!


Find out more about Jet Set and all of the rest of the PLAYGROUND family on the one2free website!

Funographer download:

PLAYGROUND download:

one2free official website:

one2free facebook page:

one2free Sina Weibo page:

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