Greyhound cafés: where fashion meets food and art creates atmosphere

Cafés and restaurants come in and out of fashion. But at our urban hangout Greyhound café you’ll always be in vogue because Greyhound cafés first came into existence from a fashion label in Bangkok. When you dine in our venues, you’ll find that everything around you – from the fresh food to the creative décor, has been carefully styled.

Of course, we make sure that the Thai-influenced menus, the service and the ambience are always top-notch, but never have we lost sight of our first love: art. We’ve got creativity from wall-to-wall and art inspires everything that we do, including our food.


We don’t cook our food, we create it. At Greyhound café we serve simple foods with a twist: traditional and modern cooking techniques mingle; elements of urban street food and refined haute cuisine go side by side; ingredients from local and international culture are fused together to invent something blissful. With this many contrasts, it’s no wonder that our fusion food has been such a hit.


If you drop in for our renowned brunch, you’ll be plated a mouthwatering choice of fusion cuisine options – from Bacon and Egg in the Hole (bacon bits with eggs cooked in Thai hot tray, served with baguette) to Noodles with Thai Braised Beef soup.

Traditional art galleries have great looking artwork for your eyes. But the dishes in Greyhound café stimulate all the senses. The food is made to look great, smells incredible and tastes sensational, all because of the personal touch from our creative chefs. Sounds enticing, doesn’t it?


Art should be interactive. Dining with us is an inter-art-ive experience. Whether you’re in search of a muse or amusement, drop into one of our six branches for a kaleidoscope for the senses and a collide-o-scope where fashion meets food, art creates atmosphere and Asian and European cuisines come together in a happy union. We promise to brighten up your day in the most creative way.


For the latest news and menus from Greyhound, take a look at our:






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