Twitter Vs. Instagram

October 2, 2013

For those of you who aren’t aware, Instagram has dropped support for Twitter cards, which allow Instagram photos to be viewed within Twitter’s newsfeed. In other words, Twitter users now have to click through to Instagram to view Instagram photos when before it would just show up on the Twitter interface. Many people thought this decision would severely hurt Instagram photo engagement, but Twitter seems to be the only one suffering. However, while Twitter photo engagement seems to be trending downward, it is still a vital platform being used to reach customers. Brands can still reach customers by uploading pictures directly onto Twitter’s platform instead of using Instagram. Brands can use Instagram when posting to Facebook.

So while Twitter may be suffering in terms of Instagram photo engagement, you can bet they are aware of the problem and seeking solutions that will fulfill brand and consumer needs. JamiQ can help you stay on top of which sites are having the most impact on your brand with Influence Indicators. JamiQ smart algorithms automatically analyzes the influence of every website on the fly. The influence chart gives you an instant view of the impact your brand is making on each social media platform. Noticing a shift from less influential sites to more influential ones could indicate a phenomenon where chatter about your brand is being picked up from the blogosphere in the news media.


It is evident that social partnerships like Twitter and Instagram are constantly evolving. These platforms are focused on how to present content in the most engaging way and to benefit user base. This is where JamiQ comes in. The best way to reach your customer base is to stay on top of your customer relationships which JamiQ helps you do with Sentiment Detection by using our specially designed natural language processing technology to detect the sentiment of every post on the fly. The sentiment chart gives you an indicative view of the perception surrounding your brand. This allows you to react immediately when you notice a sudden change of heart. With a few adjustments to your strategy and the help of JamiQ your brand will enjoy plenty of customer engagement!

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