Social Media Research helps to Generate Larger Revenues

Social Media is the leading platform for most businesses today with consumers spending  more and more time online. Users spend about 22% of their time online on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. These social media networks are spreading company brand popularity due to sharing and recommendation behavior growing. 75% of Facebook users have “liked” a brand, which then shows to everyone on their feed. These social activities drive sales. 90% of purchases are subject to social influence. Social media platforms are now becoming a necessity for many brands.

Simply having social media however, is not enough to make your brand a winner. Forecasting, soliciting, and steering product development are complex and multifaceted marketing functions. To reach your customer base, it’s necessary to have useful customer information, be it leads, demographics, sentiment, or consumer behavior. JamiQ helps you stay on top of your customer relationships with Sentiment Detection by using our specially designed natural language processing technology to detect the sentiment of every post on the fly. The sentiment chart gives you an indicative view of the perception surrounding your brand. This allows you to react immediately when you notice a sudden change of heart.


The likelihood of purchase increases when consumers have a social connection with a brand or product. JamiQ helps you stay up to date on how your brand is doing on social media with the ability to Monitor Everything. The foundation of social media monitoring is the ability to capture most, if not all, online conversations. Just like a search engine, the more web pages that are covered the better a service it is. JamiQ uses the world’s best search engines, APIs, RSS feeds, and specially built web crawlers to monitor social media in real-time. Staying up to date on your social media will keep your brand on top of its game. Enlist the help of JamiQ today to ensure you get the most out of social media.

With social media and the help of JamiQ your brand is sure to garner loyal customers!


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